9th Oct 2004, 18:58

My fiance drives a 95 SSEi. When I met her, the sun roof had leaked since she bought it. The left rear window doesn't work. The heater bypass nipple on the intake (which was made of plastic) broke in two, puking coolant all over the belts, causing the water pump belt to slip off. The supercharger has been sounding like its chewing on rocks, and I think it has finally went tonight.

It's a very nice car, but it's killing me. It keeps me very busy, and I almost crapped when I found out the supercharger costs about as much as a brand new in the crate Chevy small block. Disgusting.

21st Jan 2005, 09:41

Bought a 2000 Bonneville last year that was in pristine condition. Within 4 months had to replace the rear window operating mechanism at a cost of over $400. Last week the other rear window failed and stayed in the down position during an extended trip in temps of 15 degrees. Rigged this window so that it just stays closed for good. I refuse to reward GM by buying another assembly for what is obviously a poor design and/or inferior materials.

30th May 2005, 21:28

I have a 1988 and, I also have a 1989 they both work fine I treat mine like a truck. I love taking it when I go fishinf and hunting. but I just resently have no problems with it at all I just think the old cars a generally better than new. sure the new ones look nice, but not as reliable as old ones.

9th Jun 2005, 20:10

Just remember cars that are made these days are not built like they used to be.

3rd Oct 2006, 10:15

I bought a 1997 Bonneville SSEi in 1998 with all the possible toys for about $25,000. I love the car, but other than the engine block, I question the quality of all the other parts. At 160,000 miles it had an engine block leak, as luck would have it, I found a junk yard that had a year 2000 engine with the Supercharger and only 3,000 miles on the engine (result of another car's bad accident, but engine was good) for $1,800. I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a newer engine, so I had a mechanic retrofit it on my Bonnie and off I went.

Now at 226,000 miles, I have a few problems that make me wonder if I should invest in her or trade her in.

1. The left rear power window has not worked for months and comes and goes when it wants to work. More not than yes.

2. The turn signal lever does not return when the left turn signal is selected (I have to return the lever manually).

3. The rear compressor pump used to level the rear struts stopped working (this is the second one that has stopped working).

4. The fuel line had to be replaced due to leaks (pretty dangerous).

5. Now the door locks and interior lights stopped working (probably needs the computer module replaced).

6. Battery and battery cables had to be replaced due to faulty wires.

7. Gas gauge and gas tank had to be replaced, sensor is inside gas tank (bad engineering) ($900).

8. Countless electrical problems, big expense items: Sensors, Stereo (CD radio - $400), rear passenger interior light ($150) and front passenger interior light ($180), power antenna ($310).

And now, I need new struts (front and rear), the rear air compressor, power antenna and the wheel alignment that goes with the new struts; for about $2,800. This is killing me. Should I invest and wonder what else will go wrong?

Maybe I've been lucky and have not had many of the problems other people have had, but over all, I think I've probably paid in overall repairs and maintenance about as much as the car itself was worth, almost $20,000 (or maybe more).

Maybe next time I'll look for a nice Infinity, Lexus or Toyota instead. I'm not totally convinced of GM's quality and non-American cars (exports) seem to have better, more reliable parts that don't break every couple of thousand miles, which I find to be very sad. Where is the American quality and pride?

24th Oct 2006, 13:57

Me and my fiance just bought a 2001 SSEI with 90,000 miles on her. Before I bought it, I noticed a clunking in the steering while the car was in park. The mechanic took it in and said he greased a fitting. Turns out that there was no fitting to grease, and all he did was reposition the steering wheel tilt (fixed it temporarily), long enough for me to drive it off the lot. Two months later it started doing it again, come to find out it is the intermediate shaft which has to be taken apart and greased. What a mess.

11th Nov 2006, 16:52

My 2000 Bonneville SSEi has 168,000 miles on it now and I still have not done anything to the engine or transmission. It runs like it did when it was new, faster than most sedans on the road. I know a lot of people that drive Japanese cars and have had numerous problems. You can no longer say that Japanese cars last longer.

28th Dec 2006, 22:52

I have a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville I bought used a few months ago. It has 100k miles on it and seems to be in great shape. The fan motor went out and I can't find another one new or used anywhere. But that problem was likely caused by debris getting into the fan motor because the previous owner took out the filter. Other than that, I am not having any problems. The car looks great and handles well. All the bells and whistles still work like new. People are always saying they really like my car.

After reading a lot of the comments on this page, I'm a little worried now.

8th Apr 2007, 10:30

Bought my 01 SLE new... LOVE the car, but... steering does whine and pop. ALL window motors went within 6 mos of each other... just had the two front fixed and had the rears put up permanently to the tune of $600 (dealer wanted a grand) Blower motor was working SOMETIMES, now not at all, but with summer in FL coming.. that will be another $400?...Oh well, with 108,000 miles on her I guess I'll drive her into the ground.

Might consider trading if GM still made a luxury car with attitude, but they don't. Honda? never.

18th Oct 2008, 17:06

I have owned my 2002 Bonneville SSEI since July of 2004. Within the first month of my purchase I had to be towed twice because of electrical shorts that would keep the vehicle from starting. Here I am over 4 years later! Replaced the motor @ 86000 Miles to the tune of $3200. Blower motor on the heat/ac had to be replaced, both rear windows have had new regulators, my interior lights do not work and every time my mechanic replaces the fuse it just blows again in 2 days (why bother?). My Sunroof is no longer operational and my trunk leaks as if there was a hole drilled directly under the spoiler. I really love my car, but it has been a financial burden that will prevent me from EVER purchasing another GM product.