1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 305 from North America


They are the easiest cars to come by and build up to spectacular racecars!


I blew the transmission which was all my fault... Installed a new transmission and have blown 4 transmission mounts... Which is also completely my fault and blew out the spider gears. Lets just say burn outs are not exactly good for the car... But they look awesome! Now the motor has a knock in the bottom end so its time for a nice little Chevy 355 worked to the balls... Radiator has a small crack in it but was fixed with a little JB Weld. The interior does like every other F-Body and falls apart after the first time in it... But its all good!

General Comments:

These cars are incredibly quick for being as old and as beat on as mine is.

This car handles like a dream its so much fun to drive and race around in!

I have beaten many imports and domestics with this car... For being stock right now this car is GREAT!

Anyone who says different is either lying or don't know what they are talking about.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2001

22nd Feb 2006, 18:46

My 1st car was an '82 T/A. Although in 2000 when I bought the car, it was in some serious need of body work due to 18 years of abuse & neglect, but it ran great, and outside of regular maintenance I never had any serious problems with the car, with the exception of me blowing a fuse trying to put in a CD player. LOL.

25th Jun 2006, 20:55

These cars catch on fire due to faulty wiring in the dashboard. Be sure to keep your eye on the wiring.

21st Jun 2008, 01:09

That was the Fiero that had the firebomb problem. Firebirds do sometimes have glitchy wiring, such as in the headlight and engine management circuitry; my friends and I have been working with these cars for 15 years now, never seen one blow up from bad wiring from the factory as did the Fieros.

1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 305 (5.0) V8 from North America


Lots of fun


Whoever had it before me abused this poor car. When I bought it I found wood screws used in the carburator! I've replace the starter, alternator, water pump (my fault), headlight motor and other misc. parts.

General Comments:

I have had my share of problems with this car because of poor maintenance by the previous owner.

It is still a joy to own and drive. Performance is good for an early 80's car. If you're going to buy one, get one that has been taken care of. Many of these cars are abused and poorly taken care of. However, parts are cheap and readily available.

A stock one won't win many races, but they can be easily modified for better performance. The small block Chevy V8 is a great engine. A very fun car to own and drive. I've had years of enjoyment with mine since I bought it in high school. I'll never sell it!

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Review Date: 14th April, 2001