13th Aug 2003, 15:49

How can you say having big tires is a bad thing? The whole reason muscle cars have big tires is because they have lots of power, and the extra grip is beneficial. I know for example, if you upgrade the stock tires on a new Camaro or Trans Am, you can get your 1/4 mile times down to about 12.9 or 12.8...stock.

As for the Trans Am beating the Vette... it can be done. Like you said, the weight is close to the same, and with a difference of only about 5 horse (though GM didn't want buyers of Vettes to know that), the difference is gonna be the driver. And as for having an automatic transmission, in cars with this much power, I don't think too much is lost in the drivetrain on the automatics... if anything, it makes starting off the line that much easier.

21st Jan 2004, 16:51

I have a 2002 Trans AM Ram AIr, T-top 6 speed hurst, and I just love it! I will never sell this car.

I'm a 25 yr old Male. I wish I lived in climate that stayed above 50 degrees F all year round, but I live in MI.

If anyone else knows, the MI roads are HORRIBLE. But amazingly, the ride is still just superb. Best car I've ever owned by far! I love the look as well. I even think its sexier than a vette, but that's just my opinion. I absolutely love the hood.

Everytime I go to the auto store, the workers there come out and just look the car up and down! Its white, by the way.

I love the way it handles. The car is pretty heavy, so it feels just a little sluggish off the start, but my GOd... once you kick it into second and ESPECIALLY third, hold on to your panties! THe first time I really floored it, I had butterflies. I only get butterflies at Cedar Point gang!

24th Mar 2004, 20:31

I drive a T/A, black, and I love it! As stated, the accleration from 2nd to 3rd is awesome. I can do, easily, 0-100 in a quarter mile. Heads turn every time I pull up to an intersection. The only thing I don't like is the muddled, Monsoon, audio system and the semi-cheesy plastic interior (gas mileage I can live with if the car can have a top speed of 160 mph). I would highly suggest the Hurst shifter if you are looking to drive this car hard. It really adds the extra confidence you need to "slam" through the gears... (MI, roads to suck here!!)

7th May 2004, 07:46

A 2002 Firebird is a few hundred pounds heavier than a vette of the same year. Mostly due to the F-body chassis vs. the vette's Y-body.

30th May 2004, 13:08

The comparisons between the Corvette and the Firebird here are nonsense. Under equal conditions, all Firebirds are slower than Corvettes from similar years. The Corvette is lighter, has an upgraded transmission, and produces more horsepower. Rumors of the F-body V-8's being "underrated" are nonsense created by immature fans.

In any race, a driver's luck and skill are often more important than a car's capabilities. More importantly, street races are almost always won buy the driver who is the greatest fool, not the driver with the fastest car.

4th Jul 2004, 11:11

I have a Black (meanest colour by far) WS6 Ram-Air Trans Am with 5k on the clock. These cars turn heads more than any Corvette ever could. I always hear comments about how the styling looks way better than the Vette even from Corvette owners and Chevrolet salesman themselves. IMHO, it has superior looks, is just as fast with the same LS1 motor, has a backseat, and is priced significantly lower (I guess that makes it a little hard for Corvette owners to swallow). What a bargain! These cars were purposefully underrated and have been dyno-proven to have 340hp at the flywheel and 300+ at the rear wheels in stock form. For the record, I have also beaten stock LS1 Corvettes with my stock LS1 Trans Am. These cars are practically identical performance wise with a win being dictated more-so by other variables. Ironically, GM stopped making them as they finally got the styling just perfect! These cars will always look awesome and will have their place in history for many years to come.

18th Jul 2004, 21:53

I own a 2001 Sunset Orange Metallic WS6 and there isn't a place I go that people won't comment on the car. Of course I take very good care of the it, polish it with Zaino products etc... This is the meanest looking car on the roads today. There is no other. Mine is a 6 speed, I have 315/35/17 tires on the back (you can't fit anything this big on a mustang) and it's lowered. I also changed my stock hurst shifter by the pro 5 with Lou Short Stick. What was good just became excellent. In case you haven't noticed, pretty much everybody that owns a Ws6 is very happy with the car. Go look GTs and Cobras reviews and you'll see very different opinions.

Like stated above, the 3rd and 4th gears on this car are scary. If you floor it it seems there's no end... I took a friend of mine (Ford Harley Davidson F-150 owner) for a spin and when I took my car to almost 80mph in 2nd gear he said "my car isn't that fast! my car isn't that fast!" in a desperate tone of voice that made me laugh.

Incredible car. I will NEVER sell my WS6.

20th Aug 2004, 03:16

Ya agree with the stock horse power bening underestimated because the manufactures test the horse power with all accessories on such as the A/C and radio etc. And all that stuff decreases horse power.

6th Sep 2004, 22:42

I will be always be a Trans Am Ram Air driver. These car are so powerful and its great. I had a six speed, but I had too many problems with it. My wife also has the 2002 trans am and my son. We believe in these car and nothing else. The style is so powerful looking. I will need to find out what options I have to make some HP adjustments. Monty.

11th Apr 2005, 22:14

Trans-am's rule!!! enough said!

9th May 2005, 20:05

I bought my black ram air new in 2002. I live in a small town in Mississippi so I the fastest car in town now. When someone comes to me wanting to race I tell them to buy a real car and come back.

13th Jan 2006, 17:19

Well, that's one way of never having to worry about losing to anybody.

14th Jan 2006, 14:08

Ha ha ha! Don't you realize how funny it sounds to say "I live in a small town in Mississippi so I (have) the fastest car in town now"? Yeah, Bubba's AMC Concorde used to be the fastest, but he moved away and now there are only 3 people left living there. And your parents don't drive.

7th Sep 2006, 01:33

I was a fan of Firebird for about 6 years now (I am 24), but never drove it. I dream of having Black WS6 manual with T-tops. The only problem is that I have my drivers license suspended for the next three years. + I am not from USA. Any hope that I will be able to buy my dream car in 2009 in good condition?