21st Mar 2001, 09:23

I curently drive a 92 GTA which does have an LT 1 unlike the car you own. It's my 3rd Trans Am not including the 76 I'm now restoring. I've also had 4 Camaros.

I think you must have got hold of a lemon, too bad, one car could turn you off of the whole line.

I do drive mine on real streets with real laws and while it's not stock, I've never even been given a good race by one of Fords little wanabees, new or old, so go buy your Cobra and come find me, we can run for money or pinks, it really doesn't matter.

6th Apr 2001, 22:44

All of you are crazy.. the LT1 Engine wasn't developed and put into cars until 1994, so I don't know where you are all getting that you have one in it. The LT1 is the weakest Corvette motor that was only put in special edition 1994+ Camaro's/Firebirds. Unless you put a brand new engine in your 1993 and below, you need to check your manual again.. and Also, Stangs suck horribly.. F-Bodies look good, run strong, and beat the crap out of Stangs on the street.. Not to mention the track :)

27th Apr 2001, 08:25

I have an 87' Firebird and the car is the greatest car I ever owned, you must have not treated it right.

18th May 2001, 08:48

How much did Ford pay you to write that garbage? My 87 has performed great over the last 7 years. It's had problems, but most of them were my own fault, being a teenager with a fast car. Either you suck as a mechanic, you bought a lemon, or you're lying.

26th May 2001, 12:49

I bought an 85 Firebird for $500 and its in ten times better condition then the piece of crap you're describing. It is the best car that I've ever driven and if you say different then you must not know how to handle a car like this. FIREBIRD RULES!!!

31st May 2001, 18:24

I own a 1988 Pontiac Trans Am, and I'm damn glad I bought it. You bring that stang my way for pinks and we'll see who has to take the bus home!


22nd Jun 2001, 16:50

Um... You guys are all crazy. The LT1 motor (put in the Corvette in 1992) was first introduced in the F-Body IN 1993!!! Furthermore, I own a couple Firebirds, and they are built cheaply. Why do you think the cost is low for such a good performing car (except the '01 t/a which can go up to 37,000 - That's DEFEATING THE PURPOSE PONTIAC!)

Remember you get what you pay for. As for the Mustang, they do out sell the F-body, and they are built much better. But an F-body will kill the Mustang!

22nd Jun 2001, 17:01

The 1970 LT1 was not the same as the 1992 LTI.

4th Sep 2001, 14:13

Sounds like you got a lemon. I have an 1986 and 1985 Firebird, and they run great. My 85 eats Mustangs as for breakfast. Hondas are another story, I usually lose site of them in my rear view mirror. My cars are currently completely stock. I replaced my alternator once, at 127,000 miles. All I can think is that your car was a lemon. Plus, be warned, I had a friend that had the same Honda as the one you are thinking of getting and it sucked. He had it at the dealer a lot, and for a new car you wouldn't expect it to break down at all. Perhaps he had a lemon also. Who knows.

29th Oct 2001, 18:10

The only thing good about the whole car is the motor, that's why I pulled mine out of my 87 and put it in a 72 Nova with all the electronics. Forget the body & style, it sucks. So put the motor in something that looks good. Mark.

30th Mar 2003, 19:40

I have a 1987 Firebird base model, and it's pretty friggin' sweet! The only major problems I've had with it have been my fault (lost control in a turn, did a 180, slammed over a curb and broke an axle shaft and some other driveline components @ about 35mph). Before my Firebird I had a shoddy 1991 Ford Escort mini-wagon, and STOCK it beat the crap out of the little ricers AND a 'Stang! Would you like some water to make lemonade? ;)

31st Mar 2003, 09:09

With any car you buy, there will always be a couple of lemons. I'm sorry that yours was so bad. It's just that way sometimes. BUT! I do agree with you on the Whole Linux thing! IT'S ALL FREE!!! That's the way to go.

22nd Sep 2004, 08:18

I have no idea what you're talking about. Other than the problem with the intake and exhaust valve seals recall, and the seat belt recall, this car is dream to drive. I think that it's all on the luck of the draw. Some of these cars will never die, but some cars like your's just don't want to be driven. Good luck with this one. Try to buy another one, maybe you'll have better luck! :)

28th Feb 2007, 08:59

I have a 87 Pontiac Trans am G T A 350 F I,electronic trouble I think, runs perfect 2 or 3 days then runs ruff, back and forth. (new gas tank, sending unit, filter, injectors cleaned) Any help out there...