1990 Pontiac Firefly from North America


I'm going to miss the little car


Surging issues @ 90,000

Timing belt @ 160,000

Electrical problems @ 220,000

Clutch @ 245,000.

Muffler every 9 months, but it was a cheap one.

General Comments:

I have been using this site to decide on a new vehicle, and wanted to thank everyone who has contributed.

My old Pontiac Firefly went for its last trip from my driveway this week, and I wanted to say what a great car it was. It lasted for 15 years, and although the body was rusting and the heads were finally going, I have no regrets about the car.

For a 2 door, it had enough room to pack my 2 small kids, wife and gear for camping, and the fuel economy was great to the end.

The only problem I had was finding a dealership who knew the vehicle, and could service it properly.

Surging issues were the result of rust in the fuel pressure regulator, and it took over a year and 3 dealers to fix.

I have to admit I was a bit sad to see it leave, but time marches on.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2007

1990 Pontiac Firefly Three cylynder from North America


Cheap on gas, low maintenance, easy to park, roomy, but small, never a target for thieves


Including the original I have gone though no less than two mufflers.

I have replaced my rear wheel bearing twice.

I first replace my front wheel upper and lower ball joints at 500,000 Kilometers.

After 13 years of owning the car and providing very little body maintenance the body has rusted to the point that garages will no longer work on it.

General Comments:

Last winter, Despite the rust, I drove the car to Mexico city from Canada with over 500,000 kilometers on it. No problem.

The motor has never been re-built and generally needs about a liter added between oil changes.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2004

2nd Apr 2005, 21:46

I loved all the reviews, but yours impressed me most. I purchased my red Firefly, 2 door sport model, in March 1994. It was then a '94 demonstrator, 9000 clicks for 9000$ Canadian, tax and everything else included. I sold it to my daughter in 2000 for 1500$ at approximately 200 000 clicks. She drove it for close to 5 years while attending university, logging on a further 130 000 clicks. I recently (6 months ago) repurchased my car from her for 1400$ (yep, she had a car that only cost her 100$ for 5 years as I paid for most of the maintenance). Major complaints from all quarters: exhaust system (go brand new every 5 years), front brakes seem to go too often for mostly highway, alternator belt needs tightening frequently or you'll burn it, the doors on the 2 door model are huge and hard on the hinges; except for highway noise and the ubiquitous rust, just normal wear and tear for the rest. Truly love this dependable, trusty, fun to drive, unstoppable in snow, spirited and spunky car yet a marvel of economy. I currently drive 120 Klicks a day to and from work and I prefer to drive my Firefly rather than my 2005 Hemi Dodge Ram.