2007 Pontiac G5 Pursuit SE 2.2 DOHC from North America


Awesome car for the money


The rear cup holder was cracked when car was delivered, dealer replaced it.

General Comments:

The car handles good and the ride is good, hardly any road and wind noise.

The stereo sounds good and is easy to use.

The seats are a little on the hard side, but they're not too bad on short trips, dunno about long trips though, not as much legroom in the rear as my Breeze has, but a lot more head room.

The interior looks very good, no squeaks or rattles, every thing fits together nicely and the A/C works awesome!

A major improvement over the Sunfire and Cavalier!

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Review Date: 17th September, 2007

2007 Pontiac G5 Pursuit 2.2 from North America


Amazing powertrain, disappointing interior


Nothing - it is a rental.

General Comments:

I wanted to comment upon this car experience as a rental.

I have to say, this car impressed me. Considering General Motors' lackluster performance with small cars in the past (i.e. the dreadful Cavalier/Sunfire duo, Saturn Ion), the G5 was impressive.

The 2.2L Ecotec 4 is a very quiet engine that is only audible during acceleration below 50 km/h - after that, the engine noise disappears. Maybe there is too much wind noise, but the sound of the engine disappears after 50 km/h.

The powertrain is also fairly fuel efficient considering the horsepower available - it seemed to top off at around 6.5L/100km based upon the trip computer (with the four speed automatic). The engine also has great amounts of low-end torque, which is sadly deficient in the Corolla. The transmission is equally smooth - GM still can build transmissions without the annoying shift clunk famous in Aisen transmission found in Toyota products.

Handling-wise, it reminds me of a Corolla - probably not what Pontiac is envisioning as competition for the G5, but... it is a capable car.

However, despite the powertrain accolades, it is very evident once you get inside where GM has cut costs. The dash plastic is hard, with a low-quality feel. The seat material is equally poor, which reminds me of the seats in my friend's old 2000 Toyota Corolla VE (base model). Having not driving a higher-spec G5 (this car did not have power windows, locks, keyless entry, nor ABS), I cannot comment upon higher-spec model seats. As well, the driver's seat lacks lumbar support. The seat is especially tiring during long drives. I must say that the red back-lit gauge cluster is quite nice during night-time travel - much easier for eyes than white or blue-lit instruments.

As well, the car lacks a certain refinement in controls. The temperature rotary controls don't have the refinement of the ones in the Corolla, and the radio buttons seem to lack the tactile response as of those in the Corolla. These comments refer directly to aesthetics, and one's aesthetics may differ from mine, but the small components that make up the driving experience do have an effect upon the overall satisfaction.

I am only comparing the G5 to what I consider to be one of the class-leading compact cars available - the Corolla. The models from Japanese manufacturers still seem somewhat more refined than the domestically-produced small cars.

The G5 is a good car in the class - but nobody could convince me it is one of the best models in its class and price range. It is, like I indicated above, a dramatic improvement over the Cavalier/Sunfire, and a much better product than its sister-mate, the Saturn Ion. I only hope its excellent powertrain can stand the test of time.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2007

19th Sep 2007, 09:42

I am the original reviewer - there is actually a lumbar adjustment, even on base models. With that adjusted, the seats are better.

I checked out a Mazda3 recently, and the seat fabric materials do not match the 3 at any price level. Even the G5 GT seat fabric is fairly cheap.

I think more Corolla buyers should check out the G5, as I think they would be impressed. The five year powertrain warranty definitely helps assuage fears about GM reliability - GM small cars have not had the best reliability rating.

20th Aug 2010, 00:50

I agree the interior is very, very poor. The hard plastic, I find, holds dust, making it hard to even give it a quick wipe. We've had this car 2 months, and the material on the headrest is frayed really bad. The material on the door panels gets dirty very quickly too.

2007 Pontiac G5 Pursuit 2.2 from North America


Visibility and comfort are lacking, performance is good



General Comments:

I should mention that I don't own this car, I rented it. Therefore I can't comment on the reliability, but I can comment on performance and comfort.

One thing I noticed immediately is the poor visibility due to large door panels (not sure what they are called, the panels that are between the front and rear doors for example), checking the left blind spot is problematic.

Also, the panels that are on the sides of the windshield block part of the view when turning.

The steering wheel blocks the top part of the speedometer therefore I couldn't see the speed unless I moved up or down a little. (Maybe for people with different height this wouldn't be a problem.)

Someone mentioned in one of the reviews that the seats are uncomfortable. I agree with that, and the headrests make the neck hurt for some reason. Apparently they were bent forward too far, but this is good for safety probably.

The acceleration is adequate, the turn signals are especially convenient when changing lanes.

Braking is quick.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2007

6th Aug 2007, 17:12

I have to agree with the reviewer - the driver's seat is absolutely horrible in the G5.

GM - test the competition again and build in better lumbar support in the seats.

8th Jan 2013, 11:47

The steering wheel angle is adjustable (though not telescopic), so you can adjust it so it doesn't block the speedometer.