2008 Pontiac G5 Pursuit SE Sedan 2.2 Litre Ecotec from North America


A great little car


Only thing was my trunk latch breaking, which in turn caused the alarm to go off randomly. Fixed through GM under the after market extended warranty I bought when I got the car.

The trim panel around the sunroof button fell off, pushed it in and it fell off again. It seems the clips are too short, with the pressure of the roof liner there is just no way... however I found a creative solution to fixing it, I traced the edges of the trim piece with a line layer of super glue. I have had no problem with it falling off since then.

Interior seat fabric is by far my biggest complaint of the vehicle, I have the light grey interior, and for some reason, regardless of what I try to do to prevent stains, it still manages to get stained (even with rain droplets). My solution is interior detailing twice a year, I'm really particular on keeping the car as clean inside as possible, and this is the only way I can think of fixing it. Or if you are looking at purchasing this vehicle, try and find one with the leather interior or black cloth.

Changing a bulb isn't exactly something I look forward to doing; it isn't made very convenient. Having to take the whole headlight assembly out is a big pain, you have to be careful not to scratch the bumper when you remove the light. Something that should take a few minutes turns into 30-40 minutes.

General Comments:

I bought this vehicle as a replacement for my aging '97 Land Rover Discovery. I had only a few days to decide on another vehicle, and this 2008 Pontiac G5 SE Sedan caught my eye.

In the months that I have owned this vehicle, it keeps surprising me, and I mean that in a good way. My car has all the options that were available at the time (minus leather and heated seats).

I'm 5'1, and everything in the vehicle is placed perfectly for me. The best is the steering mounted audio controls; I know exactly where they are so I can flip through my favourite XM stations, and never have to touch the stereo or take my eyes off the road.

I fill my G5 with premium gas (only requires regular). I have noticed that after my fuel injectors were cleaned through GM and using a higher grade gas, the car has a lot of power, better acceleration and higher MPG. The car is cheap to fill even on the higher grade gas. I average about $40.00 on almost empty with premium (fill up once every two weeks).

The car is very peppy, great on the highway, and has more then enough power to pass. Acceleration when I first got the car seemed to be a bit slow, but after the cleaning, it has a lot more get up and go.

After the vehicle has warmed up, occasionally I'll be sitting at the lights and wondering if the car is still on. The engine is incredibly silent while idling and at cruising speeds.

I feel exceptionally safe in this vehicle, I live in northern Ontario, and with the amount of snow we get, the car handles really well. Traction control with very good snow tires helps a lot, and obviously sensible driving in adverse weather conditions.

There are a few comfort features that I absolutely recommend when considering this vehicle; leather wrapped steering wheel (drove one that didn't and for long drives I think it would become uncomfortable). Remote starter is another, the car has an incredible defroster and by the time you get out, no scraping the ice. Steering mounted controls as well, not only for safety with keeping your eyes on the road, but because ease of use.

I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a decent car that is cheap to service and drive :)

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Review Date: 21st December, 2012

7th Mar 2013, 13:02

Thank you... Great summary. I live in Quebec, and feel I'd like the G5 now.

2008 Pontiac G5 Pursuit SE 2.2L Ecotec from North America


Filled with some regret...


Auxiliary power outlets stopped working at 25,000 kms.

Front end clunking at 27,000 kms.

Sunroof squeaking at 20,000 kms.

General Comments:

If not for all these little issues, and the run around you get at the dealership for repairs, it would probably be an okay car.

Everyone told me when I bought the car, I was going to have problems with it.

It handles, and drives nice as far as commuting on the highway goes, but the clunking in the front end (which the dealership said isn't there, and nothing is wrong with the steering or suspension) is a little dis-concerting.

I've had the car for 5 months, and this is the second time it's been in for a service. The first time it was in, I was told I couldn't use both power outlets in the front at the same time (not even for a cell phone, and an iPod) because the fuse will blow... so... why are there two plugs?

Not to mention they left a tool under the hood, which I returned to the dealership, didn't receive an apology, but was assured that the tool "wasn't left in a spot where it could do damage." Good to know.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2008

9th Dec 2008, 15:48

I bought my 2006 G5 in spring time of last year. There was 13,000 kms on it. It still had factory warranty and thank god. The car was really good in the summer, but made a really weird whistle in the passenger side door.

It is now winter. I DO NOT SUGGEST THIS CAR TO ANYONE WHO HAD TO WINTER DRIVE. For starters, my car does not have ABS brakes. I cannot stop anywhere. I drive down the street going 40km/h and feel nervous and have old people passing me in junker cars. Also the tires that come on it are crap, I really suggest buying new ones.

My car is now in the shop again, for the 6th time in 9 months of owning it. The worst part of the car is you cannot see anything when shoulder checking. Also the opening to the trunk is so small, not even my pully suitcase can fit in there.

The think I liked the best about this car, is the sporty look. My car is a 2 door purple G5 Pursuit. I liked the black and gray interior. The stereo was a lot better than I had anticipated. Is this something you really want to buy a car for, or is your safety and comfort more important?