2009 Pontiac G8 GT 6.0 V8 from North America


Awesome performance value made in Australian by Holden


Replaced gas cap (warranty) as it was causing the check engine light.

Safety recall to replace switchblade key with fixed blade key (to keep the ignition in the on position in case of a crash).

General Comments:

This attractive sedan is larger inside than it looks... cabin dimensions exceeded the BMW 7 series in 2009. Runs on regular gas and has a cylinder deactivation feature to run in V4 mode when no longer accelerating. The key feature of this car is "wicked acceleration" off the line with 355 BHP and 350+ torque in a vehicle of 3900 lbs.

The six speed auto transmission is silent and effortlessly finds correct gear for the driving conditions; doesn't matter if gentle or aggressive driving. The engine is an aluminum push rod design with Corvette heads/intake/valve setup to keep the profile low under the hood. Transmission is sealed... so you cannot check the fluid color or level. Had mine changed at 41,000 miles ahead of the 50K recommended for severe service (hot climate in south Texas). It was pretty clean according to the mechanic.

Brakes are still good after all these years. OEM tires were still grippy and not shot, but were getting cracked and noisy on various pavements. Replaced with Continental Extreme Contacts... now very quiet and grippy in all conditions.

Best bucket seats for me I have ever owned; supportive and adjustable such that I can drive for 12 hours without getting sore buns or back. I have arthritis in my middle back so this is a key benefit to me.

Long wheel base and nearly perfect weight distribution means this car cuts curves like a hot knife in butter.

Kids like the rear seat with fold down card table sized arm rest with cup holders, which doubles as large pass through door for long items from the nearly 18ft3 trunk. I can carry an electric keyboard (Roland profession size) in it, in addition to skis or lumber.

I do my own oil changes, which is a challenge, as the oil filter is centered on the back of the engine and the ground clearance is 5 inches... so have to jack and hold up the vehicle to gain access. Huge oil capacity of 2 US gallons, so it typically runs a full year before the oil change indicator says it needs it.

Neat to have it with OnStar subscription for $200 a year. This feature auto calls for emergency services (never used) and allows for a monthly equipment health monitoring email to show the status of all systems and tire pressure.

There is an engineering mode feature in the center display to have digital read outs of oil pressure, transmission temp, tires, cylinder status, coolant temp, etc. etc. if ever needed.

Main drag is no Bluetooth on my Blaupunkt radio system with 6 CD in dash changer (11 speakers, 120 watts I think). I do enjoy the XM radio as well, now much cheaper than it was. Radio does have an aux cable at least, so I can play tunes from my phone if desired, as well.

The car was built by Holden for Pontiac, so comes from Elizabeth Township Australia. The Holden Commodore is the base model there, which has been a top seller for their road rally races around the continent. The chief rival there is the Ford Falcon I think, and you will see these two cars (in suped up forms) on the race circuits around the world (Formula 1 race tracks I think).

Build quality has been good; my mechanic and his staff enjoy the car as well when I bring it by for service.

Pretty much only doing oil changes, cabin filter change, engine air filter change, and a battery change (in rear side pocket of trunk) thus far in 7 years of ownership. The car door clunks shut with a solid quality sound.

It's a car you can pick your spot on the freeway and take as you merge with traffic... the main risk is running other folks over perhaps!.. so pay attention to what you are doing.

Gas mileage runs 22-23 MPG at 75 mph on Texas highways with 10% ethanol blend gas. Does better on pure gasoline of course (24- 25).

Getch'a one!

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Review Date: 18th September, 2015

2009 Pontiac G8 3.6 V6 from North America


Poorly made car, will not buy GM again


Front brake rotors had to be turned at 12000 km.

Steering ball joints were falling out at 16000km.

No parts stocked; dealer has to get parts made at the manufacturer, resulting in a two week to one month repair time.

General Comments:

The car has good styling, the interior could be better for the price.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2009

27th Feb 2016, 17:01

Sounds like a heavy braker, someone who rides the brakes for a half mile before stopping.

There is nothing special about the brakes, they are simple steel like 99% of other cars.

Professional testing and personal, the brakes are more than adequate under normal use.

21st Apr 2016, 15:58

Front ball joints are a known problem on the G8. I had all 4 of mine replaced at 8K under warranty (with the same poor original design), then replaced them myself again at 38K with the updated design. Only 4.5K on the new arms, but no symptoms yet. GM has extended the warranty on the front control arms to 100K miles.

18th May 2016, 13:14

A heavy braker is not "someone who rides the brakes for a half mile before stopping".

A heavy braker is someone who waits until they are about 20 feet away before applying the brakes, usually seen in your rear view mirror LOL.