14th Oct 2001, 20:25

For a car that carries the "GT" lingo... they can't possible expect for anyone to spend anymore money trying to make this car faster. After the 23 thousand dollar price tag you should get it all STANDARD. But this is my own opinion... anyone who buys the GT is just flat out crazy... reason being that the Grand Am GT (3.4L @ 175HP) and the Grand Am SE (3.4 @ 170HP) run just about the same. 5 thousand dollar difference for body side molding and alloy rims...that's crazy... give me the SE and the 5 grand less price tag anyday!

17th Oct 2001, 12:02

What is this guy talking about!?

I've had my 99 GAGT, exact same set up as a 2000 and 2001, for over a year now. I LOVE IT! It will lay rubber anytime I step on the gas. This is completely stock. This car has great acceleration and pickup. Even at 100mph you can hit the gas and get some decent acceleration out of it. At 120mph I was only at about 4000rpm. That's the fastest I've dared to go in it, but I've been told the governer kicks in at 131mph.

GREAT CAR! LOTS OF FUN! Would definitely buy one again.

28th Oct 2001, 17:51

I just wanted to add, I have nothing against people's opinions, but I don't know what is wrong with your car. I have a 2001 Grand Am GT1 Coupe. I am very into racing. Bone stock with 1500 miles I ran a 15.55 in Kansas. And all of my friends race too.

One of my friends drives a 2000 Grand Prix GTP and he can't touch me. He runs like a 15.89. And he even beats me off the line, I have to catch up and at around 70 I blow past him so there is no way these cars slow down past 45.

My other friend drives a 2001 Firebird Trans Am 6 speed. He only beats me by about 2 car lengths after my mods.

I have a ASE chip Borla exhaust and K&N filter, and now I am running 14.49. And by the way, to get your car to peel out you must turn off the enhanced traction control, and with that off I can peel easily 10-20 feet hard. Even stock I could peel about 6-8 feet.

Maybe your engine isn't a good one, sometimes GM engines can vary in performance. I have just dynoed my car at Kansas City and I have just over 169hp at the wheels and 188 torque at the wheels, and my mods only cost around 900 dollars. And for the amount of money you will save in Insurance over a GTP that is worth it.

By the way, now that the mods are on my GRAND AM, my friends GTP is always behind my car by about 6-10 car lengths to 125 mph. Keep that in mind. I LOVE MY GRAND AM GT, IT BEATS FORD MUSTANGS ALL DAY LONG.


11th Nov 2001, 23:59

I don't even know why I am writing this because anyone who claims that the GAGT can't "lift a tire" has either never driven one or is as Jared pointed out, too foolish to realize that they had the traction control still on.

The GAGT also redlines at 127-128mph, I'll assume you were driving uphill and didn't manage to figure out that that would hinder the performance of any car and that's why you only hit 120. In addition, I will also assume you have never seen a supercharger and that's why you couldn't possibly understand the 150mph speedometer (for those interested, in March production of Grand Am sc/t parts including the supercharger with ram air hood and spoiler will begin and be available shortly after at dealerships.).

And in reference to someones comment about the SE being better value... how about actually having some knowledge before you type... the base SE, while it may be 5 grand cheaper does not include a 3.4L engine, it comes with a 2.1L manual. Upgrade to the 3.4L automatic and you now are paying over 19 grand. And on top of that the GAGT will easily take an SE V6 off the line because they have different gear ratios... but you wouldn't know anything about that so just keep on assuming that how many hps your car has is the single determinate factor in the speed/acceleration of your vehicle.

I'll gladly fork over the extra 5 grand for 3.4L V6, 16 inch chrome wheels with Goodyear GT tires, leather seats, CD and cassette, ram air, body side moldings, GT style front/rear faschias, GT tail lamps, spoiler, sunroof, matching side mirrors, sport-tuned suspension, and performance dual exhaust, but you just go ahead thinking the SE is such a bargain in that blissful world of yours.

4th Feb 2002, 19:25

I own a 99 GAGT and it hauls. My friend owns a 2000 GASE and I waste him. The GT is all around better. The looks are a lot better. I can burn the tires at 15 mph without any mods. So that proves the guy who couldn't spin the tires doesn't know how to hit the gas.

6th Feb 2002, 17:56

I currently have a '00 GASE. Fortunately for me, there was a confusion at the dealership and somewhere, someone messed up. It is correct that the gear ratios are different. However, in SOME of the SE's that were built, the gear ratio is identical to the GT's. Mine just happens to be one of them. I do peel out, even WITH ECT on. And no other bolt-ons. And as far as the 45-70 mph acceleration band, I see no difference between the 2 door GT and my 4-door SE. Sorry. I have not raced mine on a track just yet, however, but after a few 'modifications' am going to take it too the track. I am quite content at this time with my car. The only drawback I have is that it is a little heavy. Anyway, happy drives, and I'm the street sleeper you may see in the future.

11th Feb 2002, 17:23

I've gotten my grand am to spin its wheels before and it is stock.

25th Oct 2002, 00:41

I own a 2002 Grand Prix GTP and it is the best car I ever had. The power and speed is pretty impressive, but I want more. What are some basic mods I can do to add horsepower? I would also like to know what I can do about the Governor chip. Is there a way to remove it or a mod to bypass it. my E-mail: jdybata@chartermi.net.

1st Nov 2002, 20:36

What the guy before me said


4th Nov 2002, 22:40

I have Grand Am GT Ram Air. I put flow-master mufflers, sounds good, but want more power. I am going to buy a K/N air filter. Can I put a super charger in my car. How much more power will I get, is it wise to buy it.

9th Nov 2002, 23:16

I just got an 02 GAGT and I love it. I traded my 98 3000gt SL with 90000 miles on it. The GAGT with 50 less horsepower and the same torque seems to have noticeably the same power at the higher speeds. I wanted the GTP, but settled for the lesser priced car.

One comment about the spinning tires. Any car with 175hp will spin tires come on even 80's camaros only had like 180 or 200 hp. If you can't spin the tires with 175hp then take a driving course on racing. Then if you want to be fast you don't want to spin anyway. oh well.