29th Jul 2002, 21:05

We just purchased our Grand AM GT a few weeks ago. I really like the car so far. I have always driven Fords in the past and the Grand AM really caught my attention. I am now looking for Grand Am owners clubs for more hints and insights into the Grand AM GT.

13th Nov 2002, 20:15

I just purchased a 2002 grand am gt four door sedan, and I like it a lot, but have only had it a few days. One problem so far is that the steering wheel starts to shake as I increase and decrease from 65 to 75mph, not a big shake, but enough to make me take it in for a check up so it doesn't have a chance to get worse. By the way I thought the car had 205 horsepower?? Trying to figure it out.

5th Apr 2003, 12:44

The grand prix gt has 205 horsepower, I think. I love my grand am gt. However, I hate my dealer...They'll do anything to get out of fixing something under warranty. Not too many problems with my car though. Lots of compliments and looks, and I can usually beat anyone off the line. SUGGESTION: get a k&n air filter... it really helps increase horse power and seems to smooth out acceleration.

11th May 2003, 08:41

I'm the one who wrote this review on the Grand Am.

If you are looking for accessories for your car or performance parts try, www.PFYC.com, www.GrandamGT.com, or www.customgrandam.com... these are the places I go for modifications for my GT.

12th Aug 2003, 19:14

I've had a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT for nearly 2 years. Amazing MONSOON sound system. Great 4 wheel disk brakes. Since the 1st week of ownership it's been plagued with an uncommanded engine acceleration (intermittent) as I slow down to a stop. The first time it happened I thought I'd been lightly rear-ended. My wife had the same impression. Thus far the dealer has been unable to fix it. Now it's in the shop for severe engine ping (second visit for this). For 2 days the air conditioning wouldn't shut off. My wife & I have been married 27 years and owned many cars. She likes this one the most, but I'm getting aggravated with the mechanical malfunctions and failures to accomplish repairs successfully.

5th Jan 2007, 12:35

I also have a deep appreciation for my Grand Am GT1. It's one of my dream cars as a teenager. However, I am also experiencing a few problems after 10 months of ownership. My air condition never fully shuts off. And currently my air won't work unless it's put on 5. These are similar problems with the ones I've read in this forum. Besides that, it's a fantastic car.

4th Apr 2008, 13:42

I love my 2002 Grand Am GT1. The only issue I've had is that the batteries go bad before they should... but we don't know if it's the car or the batteries (we tend to get the same brand as before because we know it will fit into the tiny space allowed). Mine has about 74,000 miles on it and is loaded with all the bell and whistles available at the time. Thanks to my dad's immaculate care of his cars it's still in great shape. It handles beautifully and I hate driving anything else. The Grand Am is the only car (besides my dad's brand new truck) we own that hasn't needed something major replaced on it. The biggest issue I have right now is half of the radio's LED display died, but that's not a big deal at all.