28th Dec 2008, 21:47

This is my first car and it's a great first car, the only thing is the THEFTLOCK! If you accidentally try to open the door and it's locked you can't crank the car for 15 minutes.

1st Feb 2009, 21:55

Well, I have just moved over from England to Price, Utah and have found a very nice GT.

It is a 1997 GT with the 3.1 Engine and the 4 speed auto box.

That is what I have found a very comfortable combination.

The best thing about the car has to be the fact that there is on 62000 miles on the car :)

The alternator was changed about 4000 miles ago, other than that the car is in excellent condition.

4th Feb 2009, 00:40

Congrats 21:55 on getting a VERY good car. I'm a mechanic and car enthusiast and I've found the 3.1 to be a more solid and reliable engine than the later 3.4's.

My 2001 Grand Am SE with the "Quad 4" has been a totally trouble-free car and a joy to drive. I've done NOTHING except replace the front brake pads at 70,000 miles and one headlight bulb in December.

These cars are VERY under rated. I engineered and built a custom cold-air induction system for mine that upped the power very noticeably. I also use only full synthetic oil.

My GA is bright red and looks basically as good as new. Current mileage is about 74,000. I can't believe you found one with such great low mileage!!

24th Feb 2009, 20:33

My name is Tyler and I have a 97 Grand Am GT... I love this car and I love the fact that it has a very sporty look to it... I just wish I would have bought the V6, but if you're looking for a good, comfortable, nice, affordable, and with great MPG, I would totally recommend this car.

7th Sep 2010, 23:02

This is my first car and only car I've ever owned. Bought it in 2001 and drove it till 2007.

I'm in the process of putting it all back together after sitting for 3 years. Before that it ran great beside a few alternator issues. Drove it one time in between those 3 years and I missed it so much LOL!

All in all... Great car! I will keep you informed how it goes.

20th Jun 2011, 17:06

I own a 1997 Grand Am GT Coupe. Bought it in 2007 with a blown V6 and 61000 miles on the car... I installed a 3100 in it with 71000 miles on the motor, and have had to do nothing other than oil changes, brakes, tires, until recently when I had to replace the alternator... this is the only time this car has ever broke down on me in 4 years... GREAT CAR, nice looking, comfortable inside for two people, the back is a little cramped, handles nice, and the 3100 has a good bit of torque for such a little V6... Definitely would buy another.