14th Jun 2006, 07:25

I have a 2003 Grand Am Gt. This is my second Grand Am. My previous one was a 2000 and I had 2 issues with it. Brakes were the first. I had to get them replaced after 1,200 miles. But with the new set I got over 30,000 miles out of them. The 2003 that I own now has been a good car, it gets about 30 mpg, and I drive 80% hwy. I have 60,000 miles and just replaced my rotors. I also replaced my front pads for the second time and my rear pads for the first time. I did have a cracked intake gasket, I was past my warranty, but since I was still under 60,000 at the time GM gave me the part at cost and picked up half of the total price. The only complaint I have had with both is excessive wind noise and to much body cladding. Overall, as long as you perform routine maintenance on any car it will not give you too many troubles. There are a lot of moving parts and major expenses here and there are expected.

29th May 2008, 14:18

I have had my 2000 Grand Am GT for 3 years, and loved it when I first bought it, but can't wait to get rid of the money pit! I have had so many things go wrong that I doubt I can name them all, but I'll sure try.

I have replaced the water pump for $350, replaced the alternator for $890, the passenger window doesn't work anymore ($300), there is an annoying clicking noise that is expensive to fix, couple hundred dollars, rotator balls couple times, several hundred, cracked intake manifold gasket $200-300, and numerous others that I don't remember anymore. If you have one, get rid of it before 75,000 miles!

9th Jun 2008, 12:25

I have had my 1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT for about 4 years now. These comments I am reading are amazing to me- I have replaced my radiator, drivers side window, paint is chipping on both mirrors, volume knob on radio is confused, bought brand new tires -- fill them up once a week, and now my coolant light is on!

I understand it is a used car and there are going to be glitches -- but from reading every ones comments, we are all dealing with the same issues.

It gets me where I need to be, not necessarily safe? But I get there!

10th Jun 2008, 07:26

I have a 97 Grand Am SE (V6) with 94000 miles on it now and I have had very similar experiences as everyone else. The alternator was replaced in the 1st year of ownership. The front brakes and rotors had to be replaced at low mileage. The window motors were replaced last year. The thermostat has had to be replaced twice. The A/C condenser died on me last year, the front end went out of alignment, the mirrors had to be replaced due to paint issues (no clear coat was applied at the factory), the "disappearing" engine coolant has been ongoing for over a year now and just last night I discovered that my head gasket is blown. This car could be headed for the junk lot as it is getting too expensive for the upkeep.

20th Jun 2008, 18:43

I've had my 1997 Grand Am SE for 7 years and 150,000 miles total. That's a lot of miles, but they were not trouble free miles. There's been transmission problems from early on, it had to be replaced in 2001 on the warranty's dime. Various radiator and coolant trouble for years. Alternator replacement, the electric window on the driver side broke, the passenger side is slow. Same mirror/paint problems but I'm not going to worry about cosmetic stuff now. The A/C just went out yesterday, that's why I found this place. It's a great car otherwise. Not too big or too small, and fast enough for me.