17th Dec 2002, 16:30

Hey man I to have a 97 grand am and my radio volume broke too. Has your's shut off while driving before?

19th Feb 2003, 19:18

I have a 97 Grand Am (Just bought it used at 91,000 miles.

The light on the PRDNL123 doesn't like up to let me know what gear I have it in. The whole shifter lights up at night, but only number 1 lights up. Anybody else had this problem. I tried another PRNDL unit from a junkyard and it was either bad or that part just doesn't make it light up.

I replaced the water pump at 91,000, but it wasn't really that expensive for me. $50 for the water pump and my husband installed it (took him about 10 hours), so if I had to pay a mechanic it would have costed me dearly.

Also my clock on the radio doesn't light up, anybody know how to fix this. They have used radios for the car on Ebay.

13th Sep 2004, 08:59

I have a 97 Grand Am I got it at 65,000 miles the window didn't go up or down so I replaced that motor now the passenger one is going. Sometimes the engine cuts in and out, the radio volume knob works when it wants pretty much also my radio doesn't show time or station it is on, over all I like the car.

11th Oct 2004, 14:22

I have a 97 GA GT 2 door, the only problems I have had are the radio does have a mind of its own, but the clock on the radio not working is cause there is a little light that is just inside the radio itself that makes this work, I just jiggled it around and it has worked ever since, the window motors are going bad and those are going to be replaced. I have 120000 on it and still runs great. No complaints at all, I actually am very fond of this car and it does hold up very well under lots of driving conditions. It has been cross country 3 times east to west, and more than I can count from NYC to Florida.