25th Apr 2012, 17:32

I currently own a 1997 Grand Am GT Coupe that I bought for 200.00 (it had a blown motor when I bought it, 3100 V6)... It had 60,000 miles on it when I got it, it now has 92,000 on it, and I've had to replace the following MAJOR items... exhaust and left side muffler, radiator, intake gaskets, both front wheel bearings, both upper and lower control arm bushings in the front.. and that is about it.

Also, have had to change the brakes, alternator, belts, brake lines fuel lines, radiator hoses, belt tensioner etc... but those items are GENERAL MAINTENANCE, so stop crying about them people.

Keep your GT's maintained properly (they are cheap to maintain if you don't wait until a minor problem becomes a big issue) and they will be generally a good car. The only reason why the motor was blown when I bought it, is because the previous owner drove it WITH THE INTAKE LEAKING COOLANT.

Buy the good gasket kit when you replace the intake gasket... there is a metal gasket kit out there that can be bought, instead of the plastic kit that GM sells... Do this, and get rid of the Dexcool and run plain old green antifreeze, and you will NEVER have the intake problem again.

As for the power window motors and switches... yeah the window motors do go bad, I'll give everyone that, but as for the switches, if they stop working correctly, if you're careful, you can take the switch itself apart, and clean it with contact cleaner... they will work forever if you do that.

As for the dash cluster, it is a known defect, there is a module in them that goes bad..

Overall, a decent car if you maintain it right (as with any car)... I'll keep mine until it is ready for the yard.