15th Apr 2003, 08:04

It seems that most of our Grand Am's must have been rolled out from the assembly line on the same day. I have had to have my alternator replaced twice, only 73,000 miles on the car. I have had the ignition switch replaced twice, and the motors on the windows replaced once. They have since slowed down, and I usually have to start putting the windows up before I actually get to where I'm going. I hope by the time I get there, the three that still work will be finished making their journeys.

I never knew what the bottom of a car looked like under the carpet until now. The carpet is missing in several places on the driver side, and has started on the passenger size.

I have had the radio replaced twice, and the volume knob three times. I no longer adjust the side mirrors, because after having the little stick replaced twice, I have decided to give it a final resting place inside the door frame. My antenna looks great super glued in place, otherwise, it is a nice accessory hanging on the side of the car while driving down the highway.

My latest problem occurred this morning, when I tried to rinse the pollen off the windshield. When turning the wipers off, they decide to stop right in the middle of the windshield, creating a nice obstacle in my line of sight. I guess this is what Pontiac considers, "Driving Excitement"

And actually, if anyone knows of this problem, please help me...thanks!

26th Mar 2004, 16:56

I have a 97 GA SE. I bought this car like 8 months ago.

It's a nice solid car. The rotors going out is common on these GA's. I'm getting drilled/slotted rotors so they won't heat up and warp. I've got to replace a high pressure power steering line here soon so it will stop leaking. The carpet balding spots are really common; I've seen them in the 01 models already. I have almost a 163,000 miles on this car, and it still runs smoother then my Grandma's Cadillac. All cars have their problems... GA's are a good deal, and they last!

Check out this website and see how good they are:


Thanks for reading my post.

9th Aug 2004, 12:56

Hey, I've been looking for parts for my 97 grand am. I think its awesome that we can all do a little group therapy, cause as much as I love Molly (my grand am), I know she don't love me.

Wipers: I'm relieved to hear someone else is having trouble with their wipers.

I'm burdened by having to inform you that it will only get worse, and down-right dangerous when you get caught in a flash thundershower on the highway. I'm currently trying to find the most reasonable way to fix my wipers, since I've also gone through 2 alternators, a water pump, (evidently it was a good call for me to let them take care of the timing belt, phew), and replaced the motors in all 4 windows... just to have them go again within 2 months.

I'm thinking maybe, ritual sacrifice of livestock. Or a junk yard with a few Grand Am's. Best of luck all.

11th Oct 2004, 15:05

Before complaining about you Pumps going bad and brakes wearing out you should really look up this stuff. Water pumps usually only last about 60 to 90K miles, it all depends on where you live, what deposits are in the liquids flowing in them. I have lived in the desert and in the northeast. I have a 97 Grand Am. This car has held up very well. Brakes go bad, depends on driving conditions and temp. Batteries go bad, depends on if you have the correct battery for the correct climate, when I moved to the desert I had to replace all this stuff, they hold up different there then in the northeast. Remember to check your recalls, some of this stuff is already know by the dealer and if you don't get it fixed, then that is your fault not the dealers, they are trying to help by issuing recalls if you don't follow them, well DUH.

9th Nov 2009, 05:44

"and the clock occasionally displays satanic symbols instead of time"

Funniest quote ever!

26th Feb 2011, 23:22

I had the EXACT SAME alternator issue. In one of the bad neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, the *ABS* light came on on the dashboard (because that's totally the best way to tell you your alternator's about to die), and 20 feet later, as soon as I got done swearing about needing my THIRD set of brakes in two years, everything powered just stopped (fortunately, I had very little powered options, so that only really affected the "car goes" system). It took me three jump starts and two miles of walking in the rain to get to the only auto parts store that was open, just to get a battery that would get me home (I'm not a mechanical person, and this incident turned out to be my introduction to what an alternator even was -- I just knew that the radio and lights didn't work, and was just fortunate that a new battery had enough charge to run the car for a few more days).