30th Nov 2006, 12:54

HI there folks... i bought a 02 grand am in may of last year... recently my remote only works when it wants to and I get a crazy and fast blinking sound from the blinkers even when I do not have them on... any ideas on if this is expensive to fix?

30th Nov 2006, 15:01

The remote may be because the batteries in it are starting to die. As for the clicking sound, it is the combination switch in the steering column. Go to grandamgt.com and look in the "how to" section. There is a step by step with pictures. The whole process is quite easy, and should take about 1/2 an hour.

17th Mar 2007, 08:01

I just bought a 2002 Grand Am GT from Car Max. That was on Monday. For the four days after I had to take it back to get things replaced. First it was the blinker, turn signal switch. Now I have to take it back again because the passenger window came off its track and won't go up. Then the switch to move the seat back and fourth on the passenger side is stuck. I love the car, and I have a warranty, but my time is getting spent way to much. I hope this is the last of them for a while.

2nd Apr 2007, 11:16

I went through four ignition switches. A constant problem that leaves me stranded. Gm will not provide sufficient warranty on its parts.

11th Apr 2007, 20:19

I just recently bought a 2002 Grand Am GT.. within the first 24 hours of purchase I noticed engine purging exiting and entering 2nd and 3rd gear. I took the car to the dealer and was told it may be my EGR valve. Upon closer inspection the so called mechanic discovered that the valve was fine, and told me.. (I'm a girl) "you must be feeling your traction control kick on." HELLO the road is dry and warm.. no snow, and I think I know what traction control is. Can anyone tell me if the purging I feel is my torque converter? Or is this a transmission problem? Has anyone encountered any similar experiences with engine purging? Thanks Grand Am Drivers!!

17th Mar 2008, 19:33

I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT with ram air V6. It's a great car if you keep up with the maintenance.

The purging is your spark plugs might be going bad.

I've had to replace the passenger side door motor, upper and lower intake manifolds, and I'm soon gonna have to put new pistons and rockers in it, but yeah, I've gotten mine up to 125mph, but the radar was going off, so I had to slow down, and that was going up hill.

Mine's stock with a K&N filter, ha yeah, big difference.

All the problems you other people are having; it's just some Grand Ams do it and some don't; it's kind of a hit and miss with them.

26th Mar 2008, 21:46

I own a 2002 Pontiac grand am ram air... aka a piece of crap.

I will never buy a Pontiac again.

My trunk leaks.

It clicks (blinker sound) when I'm not even turning...

My heat and air knob has broken off. I could continue for a while.

Needless to say I am a 20 year old female whom will never ever purchase another car again, and will forever only drive my truck.

5th Apr 2008, 23:36

We own a 2002 Grand Am GT. I like the car, but do not enjoy trying to figure out what's wrong with it. The complexity of this car vs my old Chevy S-10, for instance, puts it in a whole 'nother ballpark. In older cars, when it felt like the transmission was going, it was the transmission going. Now, that's only one small part of the larger equation (OK, I may be oversimplifying the machines of the past, here). One thing that does drive me crazy is the use of cheap plastic parts at integral points - for instance, when the plastic window clips break, you must replace the entire window regulator assembly. I've replaced two on my grand am in the past year. And we rarely open our windows!! When everything is working, it sure is a nice car to drive, though.

6th Jun 2008, 02:49

I've owned my 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT for... going on three years now. As a teenager, this was my first car, and it has been such an amazing ride for me, I debate fixing it up as things give out, and keeping this car for as long as I can milk it.

The only major problem I have ever had with the car was at one point it refused to start, but if you jumped it from another car, it would start right away, and stay running until you turned it off again. Took it in to get it looked at, and a deposit (I forget what mineral exactly) had formed over the negative connection on my battery, and had to be replaced. (Hence, when jumped my car got the other car's negative, and was fine, but couldn't get its own)

My GT is stock performance, minus a Weapon-R Short Ram Intake, and runs like a dream. Over time I intend to improve the car's aesthetic appeal for uniqueness, but even completely stock this car can turn heads.

13th Nov 2008, 13:00

I bought a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am and I simply love my car. I would like to see if anyone knows about stabilizer bars on these cars. I don't know if mine is broken or about to break. It is making a horrible noise. It sounds like a pan being hit, it has a grinding noise and it sounds like my tires have a bump in it. I have had the brakes changed and my rotors are fine. My calibers seem to be okay as well. The noise is extrememly loud to me. Can someone give me some advice as to what is wrong with my car and can you give me some advice on how to fix it the cheapest but safest way?

15th Nov 2008, 17:33

These are awesome cars, and VERY under rated cars. Mine is the best car I have ever owned, and after 8 years, not a single problem.

Your noise might be a bad bushing where the stabilizer bar flexes. If dirt or water gets into these bushings they can cause LOTS of really bad noises that really don't hurt a thing. Check them, and if there's a problem it's a quick, easy and cheap fix.

28th Nov 2008, 23:16

2002 Grand Am GT; a joke.

My car has only 50,000 miles on it, and so far I have replace both front window regulators/motors/clips for $600, and also replaced an intake gasket due to GM using the red antifreeze. This also cost me around $700.00. What is next is the turn signal/emergency flasher component must be replaced. Not to mention the lifters and/or cam bearings are ticking. What a lemon.

27th May 2009, 16:32

I bought a 01 GT. As soon as I got it home the ignition switch went out. A few days later turn signals & emergency lights were not working. GM replaced this for free. Then the passenger side window slipped off of track, causing the whole thing to break inside (had to replace cost me $150.)

Then my check engine light has came on, had it tested, and the reading said ERG Valve was stuck open (replaced this for $120). 10 minutes later the light is back on. Now the car is making a popping sound when I turn left or right. Looks like I am not the only one. I love the car, but too many problems too soon. Just got the car 10/08 and in less than 7 months there is always an issue. Now I see why GM is having problems financially.