4th Aug 2003, 23:26

My Grand Am has been pretty bad for maintenance. 5 A/C repairs at two different garages (dealer garage and another independent mechanic which has never failed us on other cars we've brought to them) and the A/C still needs work. 3 ABS repairs. It has also had a new ball joint and a new rocker arm on the left front wheel, and new rocker arm bushings on both front wheels. I've never seen a car need that kind of suspension work at 80,000 miles.

The engine and transmission are great. For a four-banger, I've yet to see the kind of power it offers replicated (especially at stock) in another car. Our family has owned 5 GM cars over the years and we've never had a drivetrain problem with any of them, but every single one of them nickel-and-dimed us to death with little stuff, the Grand Am being the worst yet. I've never had a problem that's left me stranded anywhere, but I wouldn't wish this thing on a first-time car owner, or for that matter on anyone who doesn't know their way around under the hood of a car.

23rd Jul 2004, 21:16

I have a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am GT, and yes, this too has had the alternator go, always over heats for no reason, anti-fluid disappears, brakes go, rods, suspension, joints, struts, check engine light always comes on, I leaned against my car once, and I got 2 dents and I only weigh 140 pounds, the right front tire has popped 5 times for no reason, and the trunk leaks through the car wash. The Pontiac Grand Am GT is not something to invest in. They have the 2003 editions going for under $8,000 now, so what does that tell you off the bat??? These cars are not a good choice, even for a first car. I'd rather own a truck or car that runs off 2 cylinders. My car is only a 1996. I've done flow master customs, cold air-intake, $3000 system, ram air hood, a turbo kit so it now has 250hp, a body kit, and euro lights, which together comes to about after $10,000 worth of work. this car actually kind of runs now, but even still after even adding a turbo kit and fixing up the engine, the car still has the engine light come on... It's mine, I love what I've done to it, but don't waste your time with one, trust me...

8th Sep 2006, 11:00

I have a 1996 Grand Am GT. I have only had minor problems with it. While it has been in my possession for 2 years now, I have kept top maintenance on her. Maybe the reason you all are having problems is that the vehicle has not had correct maintenance or they are just basic problems with each of the cars. But you shouldn't dis a car just because of your own experiences. All cars screw up once and a while, they are not perfect.

4th Nov 2006, 21:26

I completely agree. This was my first car and everything and it's grandma was nickel and dimed out of it. This car is a pain to keep running like decent. An outstanding work of American craftmanship...

23rd Nov 2006, 15:54

I have a 1996 Grand Am GT. I had a few minor things go wrong, but got them fixed easily. I don't see where you guys are getting all these problems from (yet), have any of you taken into account that the person that had the car before you bought it, or maybe you guys' cars have a lot of miles, you know? Wear and tear happens to every car, you might have caught the car on the down fall. You know cars eventually have to get fixed even if you don't drive them, so think about all this before you trash a car, unless you got the car brand new, then that's a different story.

24th Jul 2007, 15:33

Um, if your car is loud, maybe you need exhaust work...

9th Apr 2010, 20:55

Wow... I read so many negative reviews on this car, I almost did not buy it. Until I realized the people that were complaining had high mileage cars they had purchased used. Folks! At 80k there is stuff that is going to go wrong if it is not meticulously maintained! I love my 96 Grand Am SE with 103k miles. Runs like a top, looks sharp, paint still glossy, interior perfect. You think you can escape high maintenance with a new car? Think again.

27th Jul 2010, 15:34

We have a Grand Am, 3100 motor. Always worked good, no problem with it. We were driving it one night and it just stopped; checked all the fuses, fuel pump, all good. It will idle as long as you prime it, but won't rev up. Can someone please tell me what to do or what to look for so we can try to fix it? We really like the car, thanks.

3rd Sep 2010, 22:51

I bought my 1996 Grand Am GT in 97 with only 16,000 miles. As soon as I pulled it out of the dealers, I had check engine light problems.

The next year, the AC compressor went.

Had a problem the third year with air bag control system and electrical shorts constantly, also had my alternator replaced, head gasket repaired, and exhaust went in 2000, and was replaced.

All this was within 5 years of owning; even my own mechanic told me that all these problems were very common with the Grand Am GT with the 3.1L engine. I just had to get rid of it in 01 as it cost me more a year to maintain than to just buy a new car, which I did, and never looked back. The Grand Am only had 66,000 miles when traded in.

Thank god the government made GM drop this piece of junk line.