21st Jun 2004, 10:00

1998 Pontiac Grand Am Gt, yes I own one of those cars and I must say it's the worst car I've ever owned and will never own a Pontiac in my life. Everything is starting to go wrong with it, starting from just a small oil leak going to intake seal leak, water pump, AC lines, brakes ABS system. What I'm tryig to say because of this car I'm going broke.

12th Sep 2008, 10:26

Although I have never owned a Grand Am, several of my family members have, which is why I would never buy one. I have had my fair share of foul problems with 1 new GM vehicle and great success' with 2 old ones. I have owned 2 Oldsmobile 98's an '87, and an '89. The '87 died when the timing chain went at 215,000km. My fault I should have changed it. The '89 I scrapped after it was stolen and totalled at 165,000km. Neither vehicle cost me anything outside of normal maintenance for the age and mileage of the vehicles. I would by another mid '80's early '90's GM vehicle in a heart beat. I have since bought 2 used GM vehicles a '04 GMC Safari SLT fully loaded with 55,000km for $19,500can (retail new is about $45,000 can) and an 03' Grand Prix GT with 105,000km for $8,000 (retail new is 35,000) The depreciation value is the only reason to buy a GM car, the purchase price, interest and repairs won't come close to the cost of a foreign vehicle. But I will have to live with occasional problems that should not be, replace the brakes with aftermarket, and listen to it rattle.

GM needs to stop building vehicles with "plastic and super glue" if it wants to regain its loyalty in the market. The online post here and elsewhere show clearly that GM knew how to build cars in the 80's and 90's. People got 200,000 -300,000 km out of the vehicles with nothing but maintenance. Now you have intake manifold failures @ 110,000-135,000 km. (I do not know a single person, at least a dozen and counting, with a 3.4L engine that has not has to be rebuilt to the tune of $1000-$4000 depending on when you notice the problem, thank you DEXCOOL!) I mean who's hair brained cost cutting idea was it to put a plastic intake manifolds on their cars! Two words "You're Fired"

My Cavalier in 76,000km of ownership had the front pads and rotors replaced 3 times, the manual window regulator in the passenger window was replaced twice, the steering linkage was re-lube 3 times, the dash padding was replaced once because it was starting to separate from the rest of the car. Every time I did an oil change the solenoid in the gas tank needed to be replaced, the car rattled and creaked over every bump, I had foam door weather stripping on the inside of the glove box, it rattled so loud I could hear over the stereo at high volumes, and the list goes on. All of these issues are not just specific to the Cavalier; they are all similar complaints across the board with GM cars.

Its unfortunate that what was once a proud, quality manufacturer has demeaned itself to providing its loyal customers with junk for the sake of a few dollars. While on subject of dollars, what is with the ridiculous service rates @ $100-$115/hr in Canada and I was in Texas recently and they were charging $110/hr as well. It just seems like they are building Vehicles that have built in obsolescence, high cost depreciating wonders, and then they screw you when you need to get their problems fixed!

Foreign may not be a better car but at least once you are finished paying for it it’s still worth more than the gas left in the tank!

It's no wonder they are facing the possibility of chapter 11.