16th Nov 2004, 07:48

I have had my 1996 grand am se since may of 2000. It had 59000 miles. I had to replace the front brakes at 62000 miles. That was $90.00. At 69,000 I had the Transmission serviced. $125.00. I had to replace the thermostat housing seal and the thermostat at 95,000 miles that was $150.00. Dealer did that. Then 97,000 miles I Had to replace the thermostat housing that was $200.00. Then the passenger side lock mechanism broke. $315.00. Never fixed it. Then at 105,000 the radiator got a crack in it. I replaced it. $150.00. Then at 115,000 the heater core went out. The was $890.00. The dealer did that. In the past 3 months I have had to replace the coil packs and cover, spark plugs, spark plug boots twice. And my radiator has another leak in it. And every time it rains the carpet in my car up front gets soaked. I have no idea where it is coming from either.

20th Nov 2004, 15:00

Re the last comment I just read where the driver complained of wet carpets every time it rains... I have same problem and it has been traced to a hole in the firewall, between engine and passenger compartment. Actually, both driver and passenger sides have holes in the firewalls from corrosion, but the driver side is the worst.

14th Apr 2005, 07:18

I'm 16, and bought my 1996 Grand AM from an auction for $2500, and it had 76k. I love it, it's white with a spoiler and 2 doors. I had to replace the intake gasket at 77k, and I've done some customizing with blue interior lights and other little things, and it's been fine. Great performance with the V6, and the body is in so-so shape with little rust, and I live in Michigan. Interior was clean, but the seats are worn and the backseats have little room.

24th Dec 2008, 13:32

Not too sure about the cars being eye candy. They're definitely junk! Not worth it to keep these cars on the road. A horrible mistake by GM.

1st Sep 2009, 09:56

I've had my 96 Grand Am for 3 years now. Some minor things had to be replaced like the thermostat hosing was replaced two times, brakes one time, struts and shocks... and just had an oil change yesterday and my cars mileage is at 323,245, It's a 2.4 manual... Very good car.

2nd Sep 2009, 17:11

I think comment 09:56 is more typical of the average Grand Am owner's experience. His 323,000 miles is getting close to our record of 325,000 miles (with a Ford). My 2001 Grand Am 2.4 has been totally flawless. I've never had any of the problems I see on here... not a one. I'd have preferred another Grand Am to the ugly G6 and was disappointed when the GA was dropped. I get tons of positive comments on what a sporty looking car mine is. It gets as many positive comments as my Mustang does.

5th Jul 2010, 14:46

My 1996 Grand Am has been pretty pricey with fixing the brakes, & a few more problems. But overall at 186,000 miles, it's been a good car.

My problem right now is the ignition switch, which there's a recall on, which is being fixed free at the dealership. But I'm now being told I need to pay $545.00 for additional parts and labor. I'm very disappointed and I'm trying to get this problem resolved, as I want my bright red "ROSIE" I call my car, back!

As far as the wet floorboards, drivers and passenger side, I have the same problem with mine, but still LOVE my car! Would recommend!

5th Jul 2010, 20:29

If your floorboards are wet get it checked by a mechanic asap for corrosion to the air bag sensors which are located on the floorboard. This is an issue with some older Grand Ams. When the corrosion gets bad enough the air bags could deploy at any time, potentially causing a serious injury, accident or even death.