21st Apr 2005, 13:29

I am also a owner of Pontiac 97 Grand AM coupe. I have had all the problems this author has described here. This is a poorly put together car. RA.

16th Jul 2005, 22:45

I own a 97 Grand Am that was given to me upon graduation from college. I have been left on the side of the road frequently with this car, most recently on July 4th. I had the mechanic identify all obvious problems later that same week, as I was trying to determine if it is worth fixing at all.

To bring this car up to par, I would have to replace the heater core, passenger side CV joint, A/C hose, front and rear brakes (again), front tires (from uneven wear due to CV joint), a piece on the engine a hose connects to (sorry, can't remember what he called it), both power window motors, radio (the volume control and on/off switch rarely works and the LED display is not functioning properly), and all three temperature control knobs.

I also replaced the alternator shortly after a recalled item in the steering column caught fire while I was at a gas station. I recently received another recall notice about being able to remove the keys without putting the car in park.

I have decided not to repair this car again.

6th Feb 2006, 05:24

I have a '97 Grand Am SE. At first I was happy with my purchase, until things started to go wrong. First I had to replace the motor, then I had the struts replaced, I have had to have the ignition replaced, the light for the clock stopped working, the volume button does it's own thing, I have suffered full engine failure on more occasions than I care to count! I have had to have one of the power window motors replaced and the coolant hose kept falling off, the belt has been replaced along with other {under the hood} things. I am still having problems finding out why my Grand Am SE, will all of a sudden have a full engine failure at any given moment day or time.

11th Feb 2006, 11:10

I must make a correction on my last comment. It was the washer fluid hose that kept falling off and not the coolant hose. I have also had to have the alternator replaced twice now. I am not so sure that I would ever want to purchase another Grand AM of any type of style or year!