20th Jan 2005, 09:32

I also have a 2000 Grand Am SE V6 I purchased used (48K miles) with an extended warranty. (I thank the Lord that I purchased it too!!)

I have had the exact same problems you have had only several more to add to the list.

I noticed a coolant leak too. Took it in and had to have the intake gaskets replaced. Paid my $100 deductible and it was taken care of. I believe it was a $1600 job order.

I just noticed my fan switch for the vent is only working on 3-5. It's getting annoying now that it is cold out. I'm either going to bake myself or freeze myself. I will try and get this fixed soon. I haven't had any trouble with my power windows. (yet).

I have also had the front struts and strut mounts replaced. The strut mounts were replaced 2 or 3 times within one month due to excessive noise in that area.

The steering box and other steering components were also replaced on this car.

I also had to replace the battery, water pump, drive belt all within about 3 months. The windshield cracked within this past year too. Needless to say it was annoying having to take the car back into the shop every other week and paying $100 deductibles over and over for different problems.

I am blessed, however, to not have to pay in the thousands for each job due to the extended warranty. (I will always get this on a used car from now on).

I like this car, It drives well and has the power and styling I was looking for. It currently has 87K miles on it. I am going to have to service the brakes within the next month (no defects or warped rotors, just routine maintenance).

Given the opportunity, I probably wouldn't by a Grand Am again, but all in all it has given me good service.

17th Feb 2005, 21:35

All of you consider yourselves lucky. I have a 2000 grand am with 75000 miles with a blown engine. I have also experienced a fuel system problem, 3 clogged fuel injectors, and other same maintenance problems as you. In the last 18 months I have put in over $3000.00 not yet including a new engine which is estimated at another $3000.00. Get rid of yours now before you go through what I am going thur!