1st Apr 2009, 22:35

I LOVE my '93 "Special Edition" Grand Prix. Bought it brand new with 4.7 miles on it, and now just over 15 years later, it has 159,262 on it. It's been in the shop once for a driver's power window motor replacement... that's it. Gets 22 mpg in the city and almost 32 on the highway. It's got the B4U pkg and I've added more bells and whistles to it that it didn't come with from the factory. I enjoy driving it more than I do my '05 GP or my '05 GMC Sierra.

I will own and drive this for years to come. Here's a link to my factory upgrades.


18th Apr 2009, 18:46

High, here a report from The Netherlands.

I bought my '93 GP sedan when it was 2 years old with 27.000 kilometers on it.

After some 160.000 k's more, it still runs perfect.

Had the alternator replaced once as well as the battery.

Had turn indicator, right front wheel bearing and front braking pads twice and distributor plug repaired.

Only have the motor oil renewed and filter once a year.

Last year had the A/C refilled for the first time.

The European made tyres were worn out pretty fast (15.000) while the Generals lasted for some ten years or 80.000 (!)

It has a good mileage on fuel and still can cope with high speed traffic on the German Autobahns.

It is a very reliable car.

18th Jun 2009, 03:25

I received my 2 door 93' Grand Prix for free, and it is awesome. It had over 150,000 miles on it when I got it, and a few things were wrong: Sparks in the steering wheel, and had a hard time staying on. I spent altogether to this day $1500 and it is awesome

Like some one previously said, it is awesome for highways. I can drive up to 400 miles till I know I need to refill, I think it has a big tank.

The sound is very good, and I installed my own radio making it even better. My drivers mirror went out, but that was due to a hawk at 60 miles an hour.

I have changed the battery once and driven over 50,000 within the last year, and still no problems. Although I am getting close to new brakes.

Inside is big enough for 5 people comfortably. And they are good off-road as well. I just wish it was rear-wheel drive, although beggars can't be choosers.

I have had some other problems, but that is because I was stupid, and it was easy but a pain to fix as soon as I figured out how to do it as well. I would recommend one to anybody... I also think if you drive to bruise your car, this car will fight back and you'll lose a lot of money.

21st Oct 2010, 21:58

We bought our 93 LE when it had 20,000 miles on it. 5 high school and college boys later, it now sits out front with over 265,000. It has been one of the best cars our family has ever owned. Original engine and transmission, both of which are still doing fine. We have done brakes a few times, alternator, fuel pump, and a few other misc. things. It ran great till this year, when things just started to fail. About a month ago things really just started to fall apart and stop working. It is now pretty much done, as it is in need of brakes, a water pump, blinker and power steering something or other.

After 265,000 miles on a Pontiac, it ought to be dying. No complaints. I guess this is what a car looks like after it has lived a long, good life, and finally kicks the bucket. :)