25th Nov 2002, 01:05

This is the exact same review, word for word, as was given for a Honda Accord. What's with that?

12th Jan 2009, 22:32

I'll put to all of you like this, it's simple, you are buying a car that is not naturally aspirated ie the supercharger. First if you buy it used, be careful as it's supercharged, at some point someone has probably beaten it a little.

Next, once again back to the supercharger, you need to do all scheduled maintenance on time; oil changes, coolant and tranny flushes.

When driving it, it's recommended 91 octane not because they just felt like saying it, because it's designed for it, ie lower octane will eventually destroy the motor.

If you do have a heavy foot, it is a fun car, but you will pay for your driving preference, this is like with any car.

I have a 1997 GTP bought off an older couple, and it been great. It's now a 211,000kms, no major repairs, by them or me, and I have all the service records. You all just need to maintain your cars and drive them properly, and follow there recommendation ie 91 octane, if you didn't follow all recommendation on use and maintenance, stop complaining as you've done it to yourself, and if you bought on that's 5 to 10 years old and the persons in their 30's or 40's, they had it when the were 20 or 30 and had fun with it.

Research what you're buying and who you're buying it from before you buy and complain.

8th Feb 2009, 01:30

This is the best car I have EVER owned. Bought in '03 with 125,000 miles, now has nearly 165,000. Recall for valve cover gaskets, did back one too. Had to replace head gasket last summer. Do have problem with condensation in headlights.

Other than regular maintenance, IE, brakes, wipers, fluids, no major problems. This is my all time favorite car in 25 years. Love the pick up speed better than my old '73 Cutlass Supreme (rocket 4bbl 350) that's a hard bargain!

Gas mileage is three times better, more dependable. The GTP as with the rocket cutlass, end of an era ya know?

But I'll keep it till it dies beyond repair, because no other car in it's class, with the balls compares in looks dependability, responsiveness, and GAS economy!! 17- 19 in city, 29- 34 on highway. I don't know how foreign cars snuck in with their claims. Buy GM m'k?