9th Jun 2006, 08:59

Tyrone, Akron Ohio I just bought a 1977 grand prix SJ and it is GREAT, it has a 400 and it just blows by cars when I open it up. I am planning on restoring it and will have pictures posted soon!

2nd Nov 2007, 19:38

All through high school my 1977 GP never gave me any problems. The car is so rear that I was always getting questioned by police or people wondering if I was REALY the owner, because it was so old. I always come accross people who have had a cousin or brother who owned the same car years age. It's always a conversational piece. It's silver outside with red on the inside. I've just started restoring my baby. Just this year I've spent over $5,000. *New front seats, carpet, mats, ALL the doors weatherstrips, transmission, vacuum switch, cd player, under hood insulation, trunk mats, SJ front bumper, Boston Acoustics 6"x9" 2way speakers,1977 owners manual, nos trunk GP emblem, all new lug nuts,440 Watt Amplifier, all 1977 GP decals for car, fixed both manual windows, inner door handles, new outer door locks, GP mud flaps, battery, R side mirror ext. It's a hobby. I hope I still have it when I have my children, so I can pass it along. I'm glad I bought it. People always see me coming and know who I am from far far away... Later GP LOVERS...

28th Nov 2007, 20:57

I bought my 1977 GP 2 years ago and I love it. I just found out that it is worth 11,000 dollars just the way it sits. This is my keeper. This car looks and drives fantastic. I am the 2nd owner and I will be the last owner. From here my daughter gets it next when I can't drive anymore.

29th Nov 2007, 13:51

In high school I had one with the 400 and a friend had one with the 301 - both were great, totally reliable motors. The cars were great overall too, reliable to very high mileage, but I found the small amount of interior room for the size of the car just a bit too ridiculous. Mine had the vinyl buckets, which I hated, and my friend's had the cloth bench, which was so comfortable.

I liked the car a lot, but when I replaced it with a 1982 Chevy Caprice I have to admit I appreciated the extra room, bigger trunk, and the overdrive.

27th Dec 2007, 16:46

My daily driver is a 1977 Grand Prix LJ that I bought as a parts car, and it turned out to be so reliable, I decided to drive it constantly. My military travels have this car from all over the United States and only routine maintenance. I have installed a trailer hitch and actually towed a 1976 Grand Prix from Ammarillo, Texas to Weirton, West Virginia over mountains, and it did not slip or overheat once!

The 77 has a 400 four barrel carb, original smog lines, and TH400 transmission. This spring I plan to replace the quarter panels and other cosmetics. I have tuned it to get 22 mpg highway and 15 city. All metal and definitely an all American design.

Handles very well and the coil over rear shocks for towing is great. The felt valour bench seats and luxury creature comforts are more appealing than the newer high priced cars of today.