11th Feb 2001, 00:34

Junk, doubt it. Very mechanically sound, besides for the rear calipers. Changing the oil always helps avoiding those engine rebuilds...

16th Feb 2001, 22:39

I've had some problems with my '89, mostly brakes, but the engine has run like a top. It has about 120,000 on it and runs excellent. I think the engine that you have, the 1.8, is the 4 cylinder, or Quad 4. I've heard these are bad engines from a couple of people, so I understand your reasoning. The 2.8, 3.1, and 3.8 are all the excellent engines, and hardly any Grand Prix had the Quad 4.

The car has some problems, but the engine is almost always bulletproof, unless you have the Quad 4. Yes, you need to change the oil religiously, otherwise the car's engine will suffer a premature death.


3rd Apr 2001, 15:12

I have an '89 Grand Prix and I love. A very sharp looking car. I bought it with 143,000 miles and now it's got just about 160,000. I've put in a rack and pinion, power steering pump, and most recently, an alternator. The only problem I've was somebody putting something in the gas tank. Oh, well - insurance covered it (new fuel tank). Still got the original engine and it stills runs great. I live in Minnesota and it starts no matter how cold it is. I like the Grand Prix so much, the next car I have better be a Grand Prix. For the guy who had all those problems - don't ever buy a Quad again(no matter what kind of car it is). They are nothing but junk and will definitly put a whole in your wallet. Hope you learned your lesson.

5th May 2001, 20:46

I bought my Grand Prix with 34,000 miles on it in 1993. It has 138,000 miles now. I bought it for $7000 and since then have spent almost as much to repair it:

- 4 alternators

- 2 batteries

- replaced transmission

- replaced ignition switch

- brake problems

- replaced burnt out driver's side power window motor twice

- fixed interior ceiling lining

- replaced directional switches in steering column

- 3 water pumps

- power steering hose

- spark plug wire problems

- replaced power steering belt

- plastic latch for door handle has broken off

- paint is chipped all over hood and fading in spots on roof

- material on top of back seats has deteriorated from sun and the rest of seat material has ripped (tried sewing, didn't work, material fell off in my hands)

- at last inspection was told that there were a lot of minor oil leaks

- trunk is SOAKED after it rains; seal is probably gone (deteriorated)

- have gone through tons of tires (wasn't even really hard on them)

- engine overheat light is constantly on; had it checked and was told problem with "electrical connection" - I left it alone, but now I have to check fluids daily and drive with this light on.

Other than THAT, the car is in good condition; no dents, interior is spotless. Seriously, although I've had all these problems, I LOVE THIS CAR. I think it's the body style and the pick up it used to have. It's a sharp looking car.

At this very moment the car is sitting at the repair shop because it won't start. Not the battery or alternator - something about a problem with the starter...

29th Aug 2001, 21:42

I have a 89 Grand Prix, which I'm happy with overall, except for a few problems. Every once in a while when I start the car the steering wheel smokes and you can smell something burning. I've had it in to be looked at several times. Once they said it was the ignition, which I replaced (dealer only item-expensive). It wasn't the problem. I've taken it to the dealer, who says they cannot find anything wrong. The only time it does it is when I start it. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what was it?

The other problem I'm having is with the paint peeling. I've seen quite a few white Grand Prix' like mine with this same problem. I can be emailed at juliek@dmea.net.

17th Jun 2002, 20:13

I bought my 89 Grand Prix in '96, Like many others, I too fell in love with the looks and all the creature comforts. However, the paint peeled away and the car ate brakes like they were candies. Went through several alternators and P/S pumps, too. I had the transmission rebuilt at 125k miles. The 2.8 liter engine was bulletproof though. Finally got rid of it at 175k miles last year. It was a rather ugly car by then! Love the styling and the engine, but I think GM could have did better on paint, brakes, and suspension.

12th Aug 2002, 12:16

I have a 2000 Grand Prix GTP. I thought it was a great car until the warranty went off it at 60,000 km. After that I have spent over $4500.00 on repairs. Wheel bearing, heater fan, oxygen sensor, fuel pump, and now the ABS and traction control module. The dealer tells me that is very common for a car of that age??? What??? It is just over two years old!!! Anyway, I will never buy another North American car again, and will buy a foreign car after I unload this piece of JUNK!!!

18th Jan 2003, 00:10

I, too, have a 2000 Grand Prix GTP. Just over the 36k miles warranty and I began to have the same ABS / traction control problem as the poor sucker above. I knew it might be pricey, but I was devastated to find it's going to cost well over $1000 for just this single repair. I had an '86 Z28 before I bought this lemon and drove it 150k miles with never even half as much in repairs in any particular year, even in its twilight years... In retrospect, I should have kept it. I'll never by another Pontiac. Hearing of these other problems have me petrified, so I can't wait to get rid of it. But alas, the Camaro has seen its final days... So, there's no going back for a new one now. Who knows, maybe I'll convert and go with a Ford, or something foreign if I'm really brave.

21st Oct 2004, 18:01

I have an 89 Grand Prix. Hmm.. 2 alternators and a power steering pump. Back discs seem to have problems (constantly the "anti rattle clip" breaks and makes noise). had it 3 & 1/2 years now. Goes like snot. Also have the aftermarket ground effects and it looks dandy.

Oh, the freakin doorhandles. I have put three on it. 2 driver and one passenger.

I like the digi dash too.