12th Dec 2000, 14:15

There is a difference between maintenance and faults with a car. A battery is maintenance. Having to change 4 alternators is a problem with the alternator, not the car. If you live in cold regions, door handles go whenever there is ice out. Considering only 80K miles, that car is in great shape.

3rd Mar 2001, 10:23

Maybe I'm used to domestic cars, but for 30,000 miles, that doesn't seem like an unreasonable amount of repairs. Rear drum brakes never work good, and that sound in reverse was your worn front pads.

30th May 2001, 20:06

Just to another one to add to the pile:

I've got over 300,000kms on my 1993 grand prix (3.1) and it has been the best car I've ever had. Except for normal maintenance (brakes, alternator, etc), I can't complain about this vehicle. In fact, I intend to purchase another one next year.


25th Jun 2001, 18:18

I would have to agree with the above comment. As long as a person will do normal, easy, and often even inexpensive maintainence such as changing TRANSMISSION fluid, changing OIL, and driving conservatively, an AMERICAN car can last just as long as any foreign car, beyond hundreds of thousands of miles. Of course there are going to be necessary repairs with any vehicle.

1st Mar 2003, 20:47

I have 120000 miles on my 93 and yes I have replaced the alternator 5 times. The dealer even said that GM made the most horrible alt. for the 3.1L v6. The only major problem I have had was I replaced the transmission. It was my own fault and not the car. The car also had an oil leak which is common, but inexpensive to fix. There is a plug under the intake which leaks after time. I love my car and I have had it 8 years now and it still runs like a champ. Just maintain your ride and it will keep you happy.

8th Sep 2005, 10:39

I am all for the '93 Grand Prix. I have had mine for three years. It now has 214,895 miles on it and I just recently had to replace the alt. This car is the most reliable vehicle I have ever had.

14th Dec 2005, 03:49

I have to agree with the previous writers I too have a 93 grand prix, but I have an x-motor 3.4 liter and besides the normal wear and tear on the car the car is awesome and I would buy another in a heart beat. After 2 years I had to replace the alternator too and the power steering receiving hose. Maybe you should find a good mechanic that know what he is doing and I guarantee you your car will last quite a long time. I currently have 148,000 miles on my car and it is holding up pretty good except for the maintenance on the vehicle.

Seattle, Wa.

26th Sep 2007, 20:47

I have had a 93 Pontiac Grand Prix for 3 years now and I have, but that car through a lot of crap, it still runs like a champ. It was in an accident before I got it so I ended up putting a lot of money into it, but I still walk over any Honda in my home town. It is a reliable car and with general maintenance it will probably last me to 200000 from its 130000 it is at now.