7th Feb 2005, 22:57

For the power steering problem you might want to check in you owners manual to see what kind of fluids it takes. Because my brother had problems with his and he found out that he souldnt be using power steering fluid It said in the manual to use transmition fluid... So you might want to try that...

18th Feb 2005, 21:17

I had the same problem with a 94 Camaro with the 3.4 liter engine. Had the fuel pump replaced and have not had a problem since. Check it out at a dealership.

24th Feb 2005, 11:32

I have a 94 GTP and I have the same idle problem in the mornings.. sometimes it does start normally, but that only happens if its really warm out. I tried to replace the O2 sensor, but that had nothing to do with the problem. Any thoughts, please respond.

2nd Jan 2006, 20:15

I have a 1194 Pontiac Grand Prix. After 127,000 miles, The timing belt broke ans I replaced it. Now the car seems to have problems starting. I've had a new starter an alternator puton it. It seems to start after jumping it. Any thoughts??

24th Apr 2006, 10:20

The 3.4 liter is the "migrane motor"

The 94 GTP needs a new timing belt every 80,000 miles and the problem with the startup/idling is caused by leaky air tubes within the engine. get em' replaced and you'll run like a dream!

28th Jun 2006, 02:21

One thing you might want to check, if your car is leaking power steering fluid a lot, is the pressure line coming off the power steering pump. I got a Grand Prix from my sister's friend and the mechanic said it needed a new pump and the rack was all messed up, so before going to the mechanic, check out the pressure line, it may have sprung a leak. One question, There is an oil leak coming from the middle of the engine, I think it may be the oil pump, or gasket or something, but I'm just not sure. Its like a little hole with a small clamp over it that's leaking. Can I just tighten the clamp? Any ideas?

28th Aug 2006, 12:26

Some advice for you people having idle problems. I just bought a 94 GTP from my Brother-in-law with the 3.4.

I agree, with any hoses and lines--good to always check. Anyways, the Ide Air Control Valve/Motor is the most likely cause if you got some miles on the car, Shop around though--I got mine at advance autoparts for 34 bucks--other stores went as high as 80 bucks!, Runs great now--a little rough, because the plugs got fowled with a rich mix and constant starts, once I do that fun job, it should run like a champ. Anyways a good checklist is, plugs, fuel filter, IACV, 02 sensor, if you go to autozone.com--you can print out instructions on how to test the sensors your self. Good luck!

16th Jan 2007, 13:41

I have a '94 Grand Prix 3.1 replaced the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve twice.

1st Feb 2007, 22:13

I had 94 grand prix GTP with the special edition package and I also had the idil problem where it would rev up almost to 4000 RPM's when cold. After tons of headache, it turned out to be a vacuum leak and after that was repaired the problem never returned.

1st Aug 2009, 23:14

Change your TPS sensor; that will fix your high idle.