1992 Pontiac LeMans 1.6 litre, 4 cylinder from North America


LOVED this little car


Accelerator would freeze open.

General Comments:

This was an excellent little car for a bargain price.

After 7 years, there was no rust on the body.

After 7 years, there were no problems with the tranny.

Engine seized at 195,000 kms, due to a rock puncturing the oil pan.

Could fit into the smallest parking spots.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2010

1992 Pontiac LeMans SE 1.6L inline four from North America


An absolute bargain in the compact car field!


Hydraulic arms on hatchback were inoperative when we purchased it.

Replaced brake pads when purchased.

Headlamp switch failed at approximately 110,000 km.

Heater motor failed at 115,500 km.

General Comments:

Four years of very reliable motoring! We purchased this car for $1200 from the original owner and only very reluctantly sold it when we moved to the country and required a truck.

Very little went wrong with the car and what did go wrong was very easy and cheap to fix. Parts could only be sourced through a dealer, but were much, much cheaper than our previous car (Volvo 242). For example, the heater motor was only $110 and the headlamp switch was only $35. The only hassle was the parts generally needed to be ordered in, resulting in a delay of a day or so. Although not mechanically minded, I managed all the repairs quite easily.

The seats were very comfortable and supportive. Other interior trim was of decent quality and did not deteriorate at all during our ownership. The instruments on the dash were laid out in a logical fashion and were easy to read.

The car was very peppy to drive, the four speed transmission shifted very smoothly and provided lively acceleration.

The handling was excellent, with the car cornering extremely well. Brakes were more than adequate, stopping the car on a dime.

There was also copious storage space available if the rear seat was folded flat; I even brought home a full-sized refrigerator in the back (with the hatch open of course).

Overall we found the car to be among the best we've ever owned. If another good example comes up I'd buy it for a second vehicle in a heartbeat!

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2005

25th Jan 2005, 20:06

There are still a few LeMans around for sale, but as this car was built by Daewoo anyway, you can find all of the positives of the LeMans including the low prioe, in a Daewoo Lanos, which replaced the model on which the LeMans was based.

1992 Pontiac LeMans SE 1.6 from North America


$1,800.00 Total, I think I ripped the guy off


Gas line was snapped when purchased.

Head Gasket was blown when purchased.

Hatch light electrical problems at 73000 miles. (Would not turn off)

Fog Lights were missing.

All heater hoses for breather systems disintegrated.

Leaked oil from head bolts and valve cover seal on purchase.

Driver side rear brake cylinder leaked, while fixing this one and testing the other side the passenger side went as well.

Snapped exhaust manifold bolt during removal. (Mainly human error)

Broke two water outlets do to torque (yet there are no torque specifications.)

Exhaust system went at 70000.

General Comments:

I love this car.

The car handles like a racer, I can hit a 90 degree turn at 40+ and still be in control of the vehicle.

Not a lot of power off the starting line, but does well with long hauls.

When I purchased the vehicle there were quite a few things wrong with it, but they were all fixed very easily, not a lot of fuss and muss, great car to learn how to fix.

The aluminum pieces on the vehichle are very low grade, I snapped two water outlets with very little torque, and I've heard from a few people that the heads have a tendency to crack easily if not taken proper care of. I also broke two brake cylinders in half, not really an easy thing to do in most cases.

The parts are not so easy to find, you can always get one form the local dealer, but they charge out the nose (92.73 for a new water outlet). If you go to a junk yard to find your parts you'll be lucky to find one or two of these cars there. If the situation ever arises however you can transfer a lot of the parts from a Pontiac Firefly to this, as well as an Optima.

The gas mileage is pretty good, right now I'm getting around the area of 270 miles a tank, but I don't know if the fuel filter has ever even been changed on the vehicle, I'm going to be doing that within the next few days.

I've heard from a few people that the valve cover gasket tends to leak oil, I know mine did. Its not too bad though, for a whole gasket set it only cost me 67.00 dollars.

I payed $1,100.00 dollars for the vehicle when I first bought it. I've put around $500.00 in the vehicle and expect to put about $100.00 more into it before I'm finished with what needs to be done. So at a grand total of 1,800.00 (so far) for a car with a mint condition body and only 68,000 miles, I got a great deal.

I would definitely buy another one, in fact I've already given someone an offer on one to fix up (1 of the only 3 I've ever seen in person and its actually a 91).

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2004

4th Sep 2004, 17:52

YOU ripped HIM off???


29th Apr 2005, 08:01

... my 92 lemans has less wrong with it (all I have to do is reconnect the muffler) and I only payed $300 for it...