10th Mar 2005, 09:52

Hello, I owned a 1978 Grand Lemans 4 door. I thought, and still think, the looks were great and the seats plush and comfortable. The fixed rear door windows was a dumb idea. Handling was better than my previous 1971 Olds (I would have gotten an Olds, but they were so ugly that year), but the engine/transmission was no match. This is the start of my dis-infatuation with US cars. The headliner fell in, the sun visor coverings sagged, the transmission failed around 40k (a transmission size for a six was used on a V8, and I got some reimbursement due to a class action suit), and many other repairs. When my 83 Skyhawk had similar problems I move to the 88 Taurus, another disaster story. Too bad, all were nicely appointed and styled cars that were let down by quality.

24th Feb 2006, 11:21

I just bought a 1978 Grand Lemans a couple months ago, 2 door, 305 engine in great condition, but a few minor problems here and there. I want to start restoring the car, but I'm trying to get some information about the car first. So far I'm coming up short. It seems not many people know anything about this car. If you know any sites with information about it I would appreciate it.

14th Jan 2010, 09:51

I just bought 1979 Lemans 301 4 speed car stock. The car was built in Canada Oshuwa.. I bought it in Seattle Wa. Then I had it shipped to Los Angeles.. Very awesome car, has a little rust in the back window area. So I bought a parts car for $200, kinda odd to find another two door so cheap, kinda sad that I have to cut up this parts car with 42,000 miles on it. But it will serve the 4 speed car well...

21st Aug 2010, 00:24

I had a 1978 Grand LeMans from 1988 to 1990. The heating coil went, and the Y-converter exhaust was replaced. It met its end when the timing chain broke and the engine seized.

It was a good and reliable car, but unlike the original poster's car, the engine was a V6 and quite gutless. When going up a steep hill, I had to hold the pedal to the floor to maintain the speed at 80 km/h. Despite winter radials, it got stuck in my driveway constantly.