2007 Pontiac Montana 3.9 litre from North America


Quirky but runs like a top!


Power mirrors won't adjust.

Rear wiper never worked for me ever.

Back hatch rattles.

Intermittently leaks coolant into the driver's side floor???

Normal brake and suspension work to this point.

Power door locks turn on and off by themselves in 40 below ha. I personally just turn off!

General Comments:

360,000 kilometers and haven't done a dime's work on the engine. That is one strong engine. I use Duralube every so often. Nothing strictly scheduled.

Tough old minivan.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2016

2007 Pontiac Montana SV6 3.9 liter from North America


I like it for the soft ride and it being economical on gas


Keyless entry and rear wiper ceased working. These were probably because of neglect.

The worst problem is the brakes. It appears the rotors are too light or poor design for the weight of the vehicle.

It is a very good riding van. I feel bad that they stopped making them, as I really would have bought another one. As it is, I will have to buy a Dodge Caravan the next time.

General Comments:

I like the van. It rides soft. It is good on gas. Many good features. Just the brake problems due to under engineering for the weight of the van.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2014

2007 Pontiac Montana SV6 from North America


Would not recommend it to anyone


Bezel around the handle on the front, passenger side fell off. Brought it in and was told they would have to order the part. Had to leave the vehicle overnight. Got the vehicle back later the next day, but the bezel popped off yet again within a week. The passenger side door is used under 10 times per month so usual wear isn't the issue in my opinion.

Biggest complaint! The back rest on the driver's side is pushed out/forward on the left. Service dept at dealership told me it was a design flaw related to the side-impact airbag and couldn't do anything about it. The leasing company used by my employer has heard similar complaints from other leased drivers at my company. The seat below your legs is angled a bit to the left so you have to contort yourself to drive. This issue seems to be exclusive to the 2007.

Tranny has 'clunky' sound on acceleration. (This problem is mentioned several times in other threads I've read on-line).

General Comments:

I would be seriously furious if I had leased this vehicle personally. I drive for 7.5 hours at a time occasionally due to my sales job. It's costing me a fortune in massage therapy and the back/shoulder pain the seat causes is sometimes unbearable. I just hope the leasing company can hammer out an agreement with GM to correct the matter.

For a van, the look is nice enough, but I really think the Big-3 are their own worst enemies because they keep putting out product, such as the Montana SV6, that lacks attention to detail and pride of workmanship. I won't ever buy GM based on past experience with their vehicles.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2007

20th Feb 2008, 08:51

This almost sounds like you bought a used Montana. You should have someone check this van to see if this is the case.