1978 Pontiac Parisienne broughnam 350cu 4b from North America


Living room on wheels


Brake lines, starter after 26 years, Differential.

General Comments:

It's the most reliable car that I ever owned.

It's roomy and comfortable.

Fully loaded; electric windows, electric seat, power door lock, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, both mirror are adjustable, bilt in light in passenger sun visor mirror.

I just hope it will last me for another 25 years.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2004

16th Feb 2006, 12:08

As far as the brake lines needing replaced, I hope I do not have the same problem. My Parisienne is an 81 model that has always been garaged and rustproofed. Thanks for the heads up for possible problems.

18th Mar 2010, 17:11

Pontiac Parisienne

Canadian Pontiacs, which yours is, were built in Oshawa Ontario.

With correct maintenance, she will easily do another 25k.

My '65 runs just great, a few decades later, with routine fluid changes and a rebuilt Powerglide.

Just keep her out of the salt.