1983 Pontiac Parisienne Sedan 305 5.0L V8 from North America


A Great Car


A summary of major repairs or improvements:

8/10/1988 A/C Blower Motor replaced 69,900 miles.

5/7/1991 Upper and Lower Ball Joints replaced 99,870 miles.

10/20/1992 Alternator replaced 108,900 miles.

10/2/1993 Muffler and Tailpipe replaced 117,075 miles.

10/19/1993 Cylinder head gaskets replaced 117,258 miles.

6/19/1994 A/C Compressor replaced 125,719 miles.

6/25/1994 Front Suspension Idler Arm and Center Link replaced 126,113 miles.

7/2/1994 Power Steering Pump replaced 126,457 miles.

4/1/1995 Radiator replaced, Brake Master Cylinder replaced 139,023 miles.

8/24/1995 Catalytic Converter replaced 142,887 miles.

11/11/1995 Carburetor overhauled 145,541 miles.

3/8/1996 Door Weatherstrips replaced 150,542 miles.

1/23/1997 Front Coil Springs replaced 159,366 miles.

1/29/1997 Upper Control Arm Bushings replaced 159,605 miles.

7/6/1998 Water Pump replaced 180,720 miles.

9/25/1998 Rear Coil Springs replaced 186,210 miles.

10/20/1998 Windshield Wiper Motor replaced 187,822 miles.

2/18/1999 Ignition Module replaced 194,455 miles.

1/13/2002 Power Brake Booster replaced 242,872 miles.

1/25/2002 Trunk Weatherstrip replaced 243,737 miles.

11/1/2003 Power Steering Gear replaced 275,620.

8/4/2004 Transmission Overhauled 278,372 miles.

1/28/2005 Replaced the troublesome vacuum cruise control system with an electronic system from ROSTRA 285,988 miles.

3/30/2005 Engine began using a lot of oil and then the timing chain broke. Since the engine had many oil leaks and high mileage I decided to replace the engine with a new one. I went with the same engine that the car came with, a 305 5.0L V-8. 287,723 miles.

9/18/2006 Fuel Sending Unit and Fuel Gauge replaced 301,500 miles.

General Comments:

This car belonged to my parents and was bought new in 1983. I grew up with this car and it has great sentimental value to me. Not to mention that it will easily outperform many newer cars on the road today in terms of acceleration.

The interior is still in great shape and all original. There is ample room to stretch and relax and enjoy the drive. It simply is a couch on wheels. The gauges, minus the fuel gauge which was replaced in 2006, warning lights and ECM are original and still working. I have added a tachometer, electronic speedometer, compass and cabin temperature gauge and an outside temperature gauge. The starter is original.

I love this car. Given its age, it has not had many major problems. I could have rebuilt the engine, but it was less time consuming to go ahead and replace it with a new one in 2005.

There are numerous lifetime warranties on the car now:

Automatic Transmission and Torque Converter

A/C Blower Motor

A/C Compressor


Rear Coil Springs

Front Coil Springs

Front and Rear Shock Absorbers

Front Suspension Idler Arm

Front Suspension Drag Link

Thrust Angle Alignment

Power Steering Pump

Power Steering Pressure Hose

Power Steering Gear

Power Brake Booster

Rear Brake Shoes

Rear Brake Wheel Cylinders

Front Brake Pads

Front Brake Calipers

Front Brake Hoses

Brake Master Cylinder


Water Pump

Engine Fan Clutch

Fuel Pump

Ignition Module

Spark Plug Wires

Exhaust Catalytic Converter

Exhaust Muffler

Windshield Wiper Motor

Windshield Washer Pump

Since I do most of the maintenance on this car myself, it is practically free to replace most things that may go wrong on the car.

Some cons about the car are that it uses a lot of gas, averaging about 16 MPG city and 21 MPG highway. Sometimes I am heavy on the accelerator so this does not help. Another would be that I am finding it increasingly more difficult to locate parts that are specific to the car. It seems that GM does not consider this car a classic yet. There are a few areas of rust on the upper portion of the doors, but nothing major.

Finally, there are some dents on the car and I would really like to get it repainted.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2007

11th Feb 2007, 23:53

Oooof. these things were a hell of a car.

3rd Oct 2009, 18:56

I also have my Moms 1983 Pontiac. Runs like a dream, has 160,000 original miles, and I intend to drive it for many more years. GREAT car.

20th Feb 2010, 22:54

Don't know if I would say they perform good, being underpowered and all, but as evidenced by your review, they really hold together, very well built cars.

23rd Feb 2011, 15:27

I bought a 1983 Parisienne Sept 1998 - with 350000 km.

I was the second owner and immediately replaced the 305 engine.

At 450000 km I had the transmission and steering rebuilt.

I now have 580,000 km on the car, and recently replaced 3 of 4 doors and the LHS front fender and trunk lid due to rust. (All free from a local autowrecker who sold me the vehicle)

I will SAND it down and repaint it (NAPA black spray cans) this spring (then wet sand and buff).

I LIKE THE GREAT RIDE (long wheelbase!), and will continue to operate this great vehicle for at least 3 to 5 more years - until the present motor gives up!

It still has the original floor mats seats and carpet.

1983 Pontiac Parisienne Broughham 305 4 bbl from North America


A great old car, built well


Nothing except expected things, such as the a.c. needed to be changed over to the 134a, and the vinyl roof I've had redone.

General Comments:

I love this car. the engine is starting to use a little oil, about 1 quart between oil changes. I think I will keep it and in time put a new engine in it.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2004