1985 Pontiac Parisienne 305 chev from North America


Just Like A Tank


For the most part nothing too serious. The rear door is very sticky and requires a lot of effort to open. The door behind the driver has also became very hard to open, but we're in the process of fixing it. As expected for a car 18 years old, things like radiator, brakes, and suspension have had to been replaced.

General Comments:

Unbelievable car! Like a tank, just keeps on going. Powerful engine has good get up n' go. Probaly the most reliable car ever built. When you sit behind the wheel, you just know that you will arrive safe where ever you're going. Very comfortable seating. When you sit in it it feels like a couch. Being able to fit 8 people, all with seat belts is very handy. This car has every option possible excluding leather. Power seats, windows, locks. Air, tilt, cruise. Anything you name, this car has. Unbelievable car!!!

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Review Date: 12th February, 2003

1985 Pontiac Parisienne Brougham 305 V8 4BBL from North America


Best darn car ever built!


The dash had cracks all over it, the brake light wires had been clipped, the front bumper had a dent on the right side.

General Comments:

This is one heck of a car. If you've never driven one, you don't know.

I recently blocked off the egr on the intake manifold, ported the cylinder heads and intake manifold, new valve lifters, and gave it all new gaskets. This engine can smoke the tires on the 5075lb. car over 70 feet.

The interior is very comfortable and roomy. The dash is set up very nicely. I recently put a new Pontiac Trans Am CD stereo in it.

It has sport suspension. Front and rear stabilizer bars, heavy duty springs, big exhaust system.

Big performance, good mileage.

These cars need to be well taken care of.

I raced a souped up honda, and with no problem did I beat it!

Buy a Parisienne and restore it!

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Review Date: 15th November, 2002

27th Mar 2003, 19:57

I have a 1985 for sale and I am the orignal owner! The body is pretty bad, but the engine is a rebuild with only 60K miles on it and the AC works well! What should I ask for it?


1985 Pontiac Parisienne Brougham 305 Chevy V8 from North America


Classic lines with incredible endurance


This car has been incredibly trouble free. At 242000 miles, I'm still on the original, unrebuilt engine and transmission. Unbelievably durable, and classicaly elegant if well maintained. Considering the mileage, I'm not surprised that the radiator, suspension, and gas tank had to be replaced, as well as some other minor items, like cruise control. Dashboard also developed cracks around 200K. The trick is keeping ahead of the rust (especially in the northeast).

General Comments:

The last of the big, V8 Pontiac sedans. Very distinctive shape, and gets a lot of looks. I get an offer to sell about once a month. Never!

Even though mileage leaves a bit to be desired, it's still better than almost every SUV. This slightly higher cost of operation is outweighed immensely by durability and ease of maintenance. I can take it anywhere, and people don't need a computer to fix it.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2002

1985 Pontiac Parisienne Brougham 305 V8 from North America


A luxury bargain


The only thing that is not original is the carburetor.

That is because someone tried to adjust the choke, and instead of using the original screws, they use pop rivets.

The car has hit 3 deer, and shows it only by its lack of a hood emblem, a cracked windshield, and a chunk of paint off of the hood, this car is a tank.

General Comments:

For a large car, it handles extremely well, and will break 110mph, if you are patient enough.

It is extremely comfortable.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2002

1985 Pontiac Parisienne Brougham 305 c.i. V8 from North America


Reliable luxury at a nice price these days


Windshield Wiper/Washer a real pain.

Brakes - normal replacement.

Radiator - normal replacement.

Water pump - normal replacement.

Alternator - normal replacement.

Shocks - normal replacement.

General Comments:

This car is the poor man's Cadillac.

The GM Fisher Body is well built and has no rattles after 16 years.

The 305 V8 with 4-speed automatic overdrive makes it a bit underpowered for a big car, but still it gets 24 miles per gallon with the cruise control on.

The seats are very comfortable, and the car is easy to maintain, except changing spark plugs will scratch your knuckles on every cylinder and need 1.5 " long 3/8" socket extension.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2001

1985 Pontiac Parisienne 5.0 4-barrel V-8 from North America


A great car with a great engine


Blown head gasket at about 60,000 miles.

Gas tank developed very minor leak.

General Comments:

This car has one of the best engines ever built, which is why so many (engines) were produced. Has a lot of power, and is a lot of fun to work on. The nice thing is that the engine isn't all electronics and this makes for easier access.

The interior is extremely roomy, and very comfortable. Power seats, locks, A/C, and even a sunroof.

Huge trunk, great car for the mob, lots of room in the trunk.

Built very solidly, weighing in at just over 5,000 lbs (5,071).

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Review Date: 15th August, 2001

16th Aug 2001, 13:46

I'm a mobster. Want to sell? Just kidding, I'm a proud owner of one too.

They're fast but expensive. I also own a Pontiac 6000 and my brother drives a Bonneville. We're the Pontiac family.

30th Jan 2002, 22:12

It was my first car and I'm in love with it! I'm only 17 but I love the car and I hope to keep it running til I die.

1985 Pontiac Parisienne Brougham from North America




I've replaced a lot of minor things like headlights, stuck doors and a stuck window.

Replaced carburator, starter, and alternator. That was all within this year, so it's to be expected with a car of this age.

General Comments:

I've driven many different types and styles of cars, but this stands alone in its own class as one of the most comfortable rides and has the power to back it up!

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2001