1988 Pontiac Parisienne Safari 5.0 Gas from North America


A good friend and faithful companion, this one's a keeper


As a result of prolonged exposure to seaside elements, (e.g.- salt, sand, etc.) the previously illustrious blue finish of the roof has retreated, exposing bare metal. Hence, this metal is beginning to oxidize.

Radiator, cooling system hoses, heater core, and water pump were replaced between 120 and 128 thousand miles.

Rear speakers have become erratic, functioning perfectly one minute, then becoming scratchy and inaudible the next. Perhaps a loose wire on the radio is to blame.

Woodgrain panels are fine, yet decals on moulding have deteriorated.

After fiddling with carburetor vacuum hoses, "Service Engine Soon" indicator lit up. Nothing is noticeably wrong with car, however.

General Comments:

Relatively quick and returning a maximum of 18.5 mpg., the car is let down by body roll when cornering. This, however, is largely overlooked by the driver and passengers, thanks to a ride that is silky smooth, seats designed by "La-Z-Boy", plus the most powerful air-conditioning system this side of a meat freezer Two-way tailgate with power window is the height of automotive evolution and versatility. This marvel gives way to the quaint, so-called, "tail-gunner's" rear facing third seat.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2005

25th Mar 2016, 22:55

The two-way tailgate is nothing special, not when compared to the "clamshell" tailgate that GM used from 1971-76.