1984 Pontiac Sunbird Base Wagon 1.8L Gasoline from North America


It was horrible, But I loved it


Everything. Seriously! Just about everything was broken at some point.

It leaked oil out of everywhere.

It leaked coolant out of everywhere.

The original Automatic was crap. It slipped and did not change gears when it was supposed to. It was replaced with the 4-Speed Manual out of the Buick. (J-Series cars are basically all the same so parts are interchangeable.)

It burned oil. would have failed MoT.

Upholstery. Compared to everything else, this was minor. The upholstery was burnt, torn, chewed up, falling out or down, and more.

Bodywork. It was nailed in the rear end, it was made of rust and bondo, it looked terrible, trim was falling off, the plastic nose practically fell off, and it ran like a sack of cinder blocks.

The Muffler fell off, approximately 6 times throughout about 4-5 years of ownership. But it hated running. It was fun trying to keep it going. But it seemed to have a sense to keep going, even though it could no longer go without assistance. It was a sad day.

General Comments:

It was terrible. The Tires were bald. It leaked various fluids out of every hole. It was made of rust. The engine was underpowered. It sounded like it hadn't been started for 20 years. it ran rough. even after many tune-ups. But I loved that car. It's badness was what gave it it's character. By now, it is probably a soup can or a toaster. crushed into a cube of steel. I wish it wasn't.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2007

14th Mar 2008, 16:06

That's awesome!

These are extremely rare cars now, which is a shame. They didn't build many wagons to begin with. I think they all suffered the same fate as yours.