8th Jul 2004, 07:26

Did you ever consider that the G.T, you are racing, with your unattractive car, might be the one that is baffed?

Just a thought...

23rd Oct 2004, 15:33

Don't listen to them... they are just jealous. I just bought a 92'Bird...and even though it is really ugly, it is a pretty impressive car. I am going to pimp mine out with a body kit and new rims. Mine is only a four cylinder 2 liter. Any advice for making it better? (P.S> I'm a girl)

29th Nov 2005, 22:18

Yeah to the girl above add a turbo lower it and get a full exhaust. I did all of this to my 2.0 and this thing screams I race it in St. Louis Mo on a secluded street... and hardly ever lose my bird is fast.

6th Nov 2006, 09:25

I got a 91 Sunbird LE with the V6 manual, as a daily driver. I also own a '96 Z28 5.7... Alothough the Sunbird is quick, it does NOT stand a chance against the Z28.

First off Kids, the Sunbird is NOT a Sports car. Its Unstable at high speeds. You're going to kill someone with it. The center of gravity is too high and the brakes are undersized for its weight. This car was designed to go max 60mph. How can you tell? Simply by looking at the drivetrain.

The V6 has enough power and torque, to start at 2nd gear. And, on the Top speed it could use an extra gear (6th).

That means, since the 1st gear to 5th gear ratios are close together its ment only to save on fuel in the city. Over 60 mph and your reving that v6 too high; over 2500rpm in top gear that is. Its not like an Asian engine, where you can rev it, although it feels like one.

I bought my Sunbird from an old man. It has 230k miles on it. He drove it normally and slowly, and he never pushed it. It doesn't burn old and it run fine. It gets me from A to B, at almost NO cost. Parts are super cheap, its economic on gas, and what I pay on insurance for one year on the Sunbird, I pay in one month on the Z28.. No lies!

Some of the down sides to the Sunbird is that there's no cup holders, or any way to add after-market ones. CRAZY. You can't directly swap radios unless you cut out the bottom tape deck out... which looks dumb and ugly. The defroster sounds like a kitchen timer in order to shut it off (how??). The instrument panel shuts down when you turn the headlights on, or the turn signal. (electrical? Instrument cluster short somewhere?) The brakes are weak, (I changed all calipers, rotors and pads, bled it, small difference)

Overall, its just a very cheap way to shuttle you to the corner store and back. Not for racing, not for long drives, not for first dates.


13th Apr 2008, 13:31

My bird gets 35 mpg highway and I can drive it anywhere in the US and it outruns high-end mustangs.

Also you're wrong about over revving after 60. After 60 I'm actually at about 1900 rpm thank you, with plenty of power. My bird has been clocked at 165.