18th May 2006, 21:16

Did you ever figure out where the leak that gets your floors wet was coming from?

30th May 2006, 00:30

No I have not figured out where the leak was coming from. We just had like 10 straight days of rain and my car was soaked. I literally had puddles of water deeper than 1 inch on the front driver side and rear passenger side. After it rains it makes it smell so bad in there and you get your pant legs wet when you drive. Its so annoying. I do enjoy the great gas mileage though!! We looked under the car and we know there aren't any holes in the floor boards. The heater core isn't bad either. It's a mystery!

2nd Jul 2006, 11:35

Just because your heater core is good, doesn't mean it won't leak into your car. Unplug the heater hoses and plug them, then see what happens, check your doors for ripped weatherstripping or something...

11th Jul 2006, 11:58

To the owners who have leaks on the drivers side. Peel back carpet, and lift up plastic shield, look for any rust. Use a screw driver to see if you can poke a hole through it. We found out that rain coming in from the outside vent goes through the trap door in vent goes along side the fire wall and sits in a pocket way down. Over time this rusts out and causes a hole on the driver side, which soaks the floor. We found the leak by pealing back the carpet and using a hose to pour water in the outside vent which in turn leaked down, which leaked in the car. We fixed this problem by filling the hole with can of insulation foam. Foam increases three times the size.

18th Aug 2006, 15:30

I have the exact same problem with my 1993 pontiac sunbird SE... but in my case the leakage from the floor started 4 years ago and has now gotten so bad that the entire car floods with only a short shower of rain. I am going to try the last comment that was written in in which you peel back the carpet and test the vent from the outside of the car. As the owner of the 1992 sunbird, did you try this and did it stop the problem?

25th Aug 2006, 21:41

I am the owner of the 1992 sunbird (which leaks no longer). Yes, we did exactly as the comment said to do. Wish that suggestion would have been left when I first posted my problem. My boyfriend pulled the carpet out of my car (tricky to do with the center counsel) and I sat on the inside while he poured the water from the outside. You will be able to see exactly where the water is coming in from. Poor design on GM's part. Anyways, we used caulk to fix the holes. Didn't think about insulation foam, but that would be a good idea if your having this problem. Its just like that comment said about the water sitting on the firewall. We used the screwdriver as well to clean away the rust. Not much more that I can say other than that. Its not that hard of a problem to fix and it is well worth it to fix it.