26th May 2009, 22:19

I have a '97 Pontiac Sunfire 2 door and it runs great! When all cars break down this car keeps going! Just rolled over 310,000 KM.

29th May 2009, 05:15

Bought this used, at 77k miles. Has not weathered well (northeast US) and brake replacements have not lasted well. Started leaking gasoline, took 3 mechanics to diagnose problem as a fuel line leak. Now at 117k needs fuel line and brake lines replaced, more brakes, and tensioner belt estimated at $2400 (half the purchase price). I've decided to junk it, sadly. Repairs too expensive!

5th Sep 2009, 16:30

I bought my first Pontiac Sunfire GT in late 1996 (it was a 97) Best car I ever owned. Sold it to my sister in law with 80,000 miles on it thinking I wanted a new car that was 'bigger'. She drove it until 115,000 when a semi decided to back up at a stop light and over the hood. The insurance totaled it. I bought it back for $800 for my 16 y/o son who drove it another 50,000 mile before he slid off the road and into a creek. It STILL ran & would drive but the body work was more than it's worth. I sold the 'bigger' car bought a 2001 Sunfire GT for myself. We took the engine out of the original '97 and put it in another for my son. It's still going with 200,00+ miles. So we are on the 3rd Sunfire GT & still have all of them (even the crashed one). I drive 150 miles a day to & from work and still believe these cars are AMAZING! I have never had anything major go wrong with any of them and spend maybe a grand total of $60-$70 dollars a year to maintain (not including tires. I get between 30-34 MPG & have in all of mine. I'm a true believer in the 2.4L 5 speed.

7th Nov 2009, 20:08

I have a '97 Sunfire convertible that I have owned since '99. It has been a great car. And with the front wheel drive, it has always got me around just fine in the winter months too. I took good care of it & it always had routine maintenance. Of course over the years I've replaced a few things - that is to be expected eventually with any vehicle. It still looks nice & runs great with 150k miles. Great gas mileage too. Sounds like the original poster of this thread got unlucky & bought a lemon, i.e., a car that the previous owner didn't maintain well.

3rd Jan 2010, 13:50

In 2006 I traded a 4X4 quad I was not using for a 1997 Sunfire GT. My wife was a bit skeptical as she did not really think I needed a small car, I am pretty big, and she was not too happy with the hunter green color. I have replaced the brake rotors and pads as a matter of maintenance, and other than minor issues with a smell of antifreeze inside during winter months (and no apparent leaks) I have had no problems at all. The power windows move very slowly, but I am sure if I pulled off the inner panels and put some lithium on the window regulators that would clear up. The car has awesome passing power for a 4cyl. (2.4) and still gets great gas mileage. I think the original poster did get a lemon, I really think these little cars are great. I have only seen one that was in a serious collision that the driver did not make it. Very safe car, and I would certainly recommend one for my grand children. My only real complaint... sort of small inside... but I am a pretty big guy so not the car's fault.