8th Jan 2011, 01:44

Your post is full of assumptions as well. I love how domestic cars that have problems are always abused and neglected. Yeah, keep telling yourself that! How do you know this car didn't spend its life garaged in Arizona and had no moisture build up? How do you know they didn't change the oil every few months, no matter what the miles were? 75K miles is hardly low miles, and sitting around for years or even months at a time. I kept up my GM vehicles very well, and they all had major problems by this mileage interval.

These cars are known to have been problematic, and they all have their weaknesses. The poster is absolutely right about the foreign cars they listed as being better choices for a car of this age and mileage. They probably would have had much less trouble with a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla.

9th Jan 2011, 20:18

No, that is an opinion of what the most likely cause could have been!! And there is no doubt some of the models of Sunfires had some problems. I have owned many Pontiac's and Sunfires; every one I have had, has gone past 200,000 miles with no problem, and very few parts being replaced! Except the only one that didn't was my 2000 Sunfire GT; it had blown head gasket at around 170,000 miles. And for you saying it could have been in Arizona in a garage; that's an assumption itself, and even if it was stored in a garage, moisture gets in the best of built garages, and in Arizona, there is still moisture every morning, and moisture is in the air at all times.

And for you to say foreign vehicles that were mentioned are better than the Sunfire and American vehicles, that is your opinion, and it isn't relevant (all cars break down, and need replacement parts, no matter who it's made by), and did you see me say once anything about the foreign cars at all? No you didn't, now did you!! All I mentioned was Saturn!! And that's made by the same company!

And to get technical, a lot of the foreign cars that were mentioned by the poster had many problems themselves! Don't come at me saying foreign cars are built better; that's outrageous!! I could sit here and argue all day long on which vehicle manufacturing company is better, but it is not relevant, because it comes down to opinion and preferred choice, and anyway, my point from the beginning was people don't need to blame a company when parts need to be replaced; all vehicles will need maintenance during their life; it doesn't matter what brand or what company built the vehicle, and yes some vehicles are built with little flaws, but that is a rare occurrence if you give a vehicle proper care and maintenance; all brands can and will last a very long time!!

All I was doing was stating my opinion on the most likely cause of why it would have needed the repairs. Every vehicle has its problems, no matter who the manufacturing company is!!

10th Jan 2011, 00:28

The person that posted on Jan. 8th. You can clearly tell from the first comment that the person who posted on Jan. 7th was only giving his opinion on what usually causes problems to the timing chain and other parts.

All the things the person on Jan. 7th said are mechanically proven to cause timing belt failure. On all makes and models of cars and trucks, some worse than others.

The person who posted on Jan. 7th is correct; if you take care of a car or truck, it is going to last longer than if you go around racing the engine and not changing oil.

The person that posted on Jan. 8th almost sounds like they have a hatred towards American cars and trucks.

I agree with the post on Jan. 7th that it does not matter who made the truck or car, as to how long it will last.

I also agree that care and maintenance are a must on all trucks and cars.

As for the person who posted on Jan. 8th said Toyota's and Honda's are less problematic; it's not true, there are just as much problems and kinks with a Toyota and Honda. If you read the Toyota and Honda forums, you would see they have just as much, if not more problems, than a Pontiac, Chevy or Ford.

18th Feb 2016, 17:58

I have a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire with a 2.2 engine and 221,580 miles. And I still drive it every day. I would definitely buy another one. I use nothing but Mobil One oil in it. I love my car.