1994 Pontiac Sunrunner Sport 1.2L from North America


Minor cosmetic issues


Clutch cable has been replaced.

Many components of the exhaust system needed replacing.

None of the door locks work (one being my fault having broken a key)

Passenger window is becoming increasingly more difficult to use.

General Comments:

For the mileage that is on this car, there have been very few problems.

As far as the power train goes, the car is fantastically reliable. Although it could use a little more pick-up.

Despite this model being only 2-wheel drive, it can hold it's own off-road.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2003

1992 Pontiac Sunrunner 1.1 from North America




Cam arm screw backed out, took out the head as pounded a hole in the head. Repair cost approximately $1500.00 Can.

Convertible roof top in bad repair, zipper completely shot on back window and all windows cannot be seen through.

An annoying ticking is coming out of the dash somewhere behind the air vent on the driver's left side, only happens when moving and after a certain speed - approximately 30kmh.

General Comments:

Love the 4wd in our Canadian winters and the convertible on sunny days in the summer.

Sish we could get better gas mileage (approximately 25mpg), and not real comfortable for long hauls

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2001

25th Jan 2003, 01:00

I am just curious. I am from the US and have never heard of a Sunrunner. What is it?

27th Aug 2003, 09:46

I own a 94 Pontiac Sun Runner and would not trade it for a Porsche. I 4wheel on and off road quite a lot. Living in a small community with a lot of rough terrain, I really need a 4 wheel drive. It hasn't failed me yet on icy or slushy roads. Take care of it and it will take care of you.