Trans Sport SE 3.8 V6

Is really awesome car and the engine is really good

126 words, North America

Trans Sport 3.4

Great car; I would buy another

197 words, North America

Trans Sport GT 3.8 liter benzine

The worst vehicle I have ever had the extreme misfortune to own bar none!

115 words, Switzerland, 1 comment

Trans Sport GT 3.8L

Nothing wants to break down

41 words, Slovenia

Trans Sport 3.8


35 words, Germany

Trans Sport 3.8

A very reliable and low cost to maintain vehicle; a bargain that I would not hesitate to buy again

326 words, North America

Trans Sport SE 3.8

Has comfort, speed, versatility and looks but the poorest reliability I've ever encountered

47 words, North America, 4 comments