2000 Pontiac Wave 3.4 from North America


Confused. Like it, but I don't due to its shortcomings


I too have had most of the same problems.

At 90,000 K I had the intake manifold gasket changed.

100,000 k the fuel pump.

110,000; both font wheel bearing.

Also I have changed the wheel bearings three more time each since. Changed one rear wheel bearing (lucky so far).

Changed the head gasket at 190,000 k. Changed the motor at 260,000 k.

I have had three transmissions in it.

Four rear wiper motors put in.

At least three power window switches on the drivers side, and one on the passenger.

I have also replaced the left drive axle four times, and the driver's side three times.

Spring of 2009, the motor started to give me problems again. Very big dilemma. What to do? Got too much into it so I rebuilt it.

I now run a 3800 SC motor and transmission, a complete Grand Prix front end. Also put in quite a few after market parts, not GM.

Unfortunately I like my van, but will never buy GM again. They really need to learn how to build a decent vehicle. Not just worry how much money they can make.

So far so good, but you never know. A Honda Odyssey looks pretty good.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 3rd October, 2009