1998 Premier Padmini Premier Diesel 43.5hp diesel from India


Far better than its competitors when released


- Problem with oil seal after a long run, but tolerable.

- Engine is not that quiet. Sounds like a Jeep's engine ;-)

- Silencer-pipe's support bracket becomes loose periodically.

- Upholstery works are not that much great.

General Comments:

- Frankly, because of the lamentable performance of petrol version of Premier Padmini, people seriously underestimated the diesel version, and refuses to listen to the enhancements Premier made to the diesel version in the last days! You can identify the version released in 1998 marked on its trunk as PREMIER Diesel.


- Very good mileage; up to 20km/liter of diesel.

- Commendable pick up and torque on lower gears.

- Exceptional engine performance and response on BP's Hi Speed Diesel fuel. This is specified in the user manual.

- Comfortable bucket seats.

- Ample trunk space.

- Platform synchromesh 4 speed gears.

- Engine built for sustained operation.

- Top speed is only 100km/hr (nowadays all cars have a max-speed above 100km/hr).

- Premier stopped manufacturing this vehicle.

- Excellent handling at higher speeds.

- Universal joints on either ends of the shaft do not have openings to inject grease, unlike in other vehicles. But this may have a reason.

- Genuine spare parts (hardly available) are more durable than adjustable spares available nowadays.

- Body rusts along the edge if not cleaned properly.

If you have this car, attach a modern wheel cup for each tyre rim and crash guard on its front, which gives it a visual appeal.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2010