29th Mar 2005, 22:26

I also own a Gen-2. I'm having the same problem as mention above. My power window jammed twice and the second is during rainy day (open the window to pay toll).

Now regret.

Trade in price is relatively low.

8th Apr 2005, 20:39

When Gen2 was launched, I went to the show room and had a look. I told my friend that I am really put off by its quality. The most obvious evidence is the time when you close the door. Toyota Vios door can be opened wide and "halfway". There is something like a stopper feeling at halfway. For Gen2, all you get is creaking sound. An old Nissan Sunny feels better.

The design is kind of "futuristic" but does not serve practical purposes. I agree with the original comment where it is really hard for tall people to sit at the back, or they will get the head knock to the roof.

I told my friend that I am not going to spend my money here even though I need a new car. Either keep driving my old, but faithful junk or take the company bus.

16th Apr 2005, 01:28


All the problem you all mention, I had it all. I've got my front suspension changed twice already by Proton, but I still facing the same till now. (My car is less than 8 months old).

By the way, found oil, cooleen leaking at my car engine and after they fixed, a new problem occur, this time fly feel site oil was leaking also.. fixed again.

My passenger site power windows already fix once, now it faulty again. Today I just found out my rear suspension also given problem.

So, I can said that every 2 weeks I need to send my car in for repair. BY the way I holding a record high that I already sent the car for repair not less than 15 times over this 8 months time.

I'm the record holder, I guess...

6th May 2005, 21:40

We are forced to buy proton cars due to the price.

22nd May 2005, 05:24

I too have the same problem you guys mentioned above. I have sent my car to the workshop 3days in a row since the delivery of my car. Now it only 5days old and I am waiting to send in again with the rear seat power window jam, driver seat door cannot be open from outside, rattling sound from the front. I am extremely angry and dissapointed with the quality control that proton actually practice and if these is the product they intend to sell to consumer. Poor service team.

7th Jun 2005, 02:58

No faulting the ideas behind Proton cars. Just the finishing of those ideas that irked many customers like me. They have got the ISO 9002 rules and regulations, but their habits are still unkempt and untidy. Cultural habits do have a great influence on quality.

21st Jul 2005, 03:03

I have been driving this car for three months.

The problems that I am facing now is.

A. my radio control buttons at the steering is malfunction. I had to wait for some time to get the parts.

B. experiencing a rattling noise at the back bonnet.

But the compliments goes to the engine performance. I manage to speed more than 200 km per hour...

Buck up Proton.

15th Aug 2005, 01:33

Guys, there are a lot of good 2nd hand makes around at a fraction of the price of the Gen 2.

For example, the 2nd hand continentals are not that expensive to maintain if you send them to recommneded workshops which you can find on the web.

The advantages are:

1/ Cheaper monthly instalments

2/ Comfortable ride

3/ Good power

4/ More space too.

So think about it!

6th Sep 2005, 04:16

Hmm...I am just thinking to buy a GEN2 and now after reading all these comments, I am having second thoughts... I told myself that I'm not gonna buy a Proton after the hassle I went through getting one Iswara some years ago. I still drive that car. I was considering a Japanese car... but I gotto admit that Gen2 really looks nice. But knowing all the hiccups caused by proton cars, should I buy one again??? man..I'm confused.

7th Sep 2005, 01:21

I own a gen 2 for more than a year and have clocked in 10,000km. I don't see any problem yet with the car except I was called back by manufacturer to change the front suspension. The other thing I m experiencing is the drag the make when it goes downhill. its seems to drag and will it cause the engine any harm in the long run? Can I take the car to a slope and how the engine gonna cope with it. Any gen 2 owner been up to "genting" and back down please advice. I wish to try, but am afraid of the descending engine drag from the auto gearbox. thank you.

26th Oct 2005, 01:48

I just bought a GEN 2 about 2 month ago and now are my comments and complaints about this car.

1) Door very hard to open. 4 days using this car I 'm stuck inside due all door jam and the only way exit from windows.

2) Some rattling sounds like screws loose also heard, but could not figure out exactly where there are, Am still looking!!!

3) A/Condition not cold after use 2 month need to send to service center.

4) When I drive down hill the engine drags at around 2000rpm, and I can't accelerate even though I press the pedal for more speed and power, it is like automatic engine braking/drag.

5) Very hard to clean the sport rim, you know those black powdery stuffs coming from the brake pads. Quality of sport rim not good. Paint remove from my sport rim unknown..

6) Sound heard from inside if speed >90 km.

7) Door Remote control low quality.

8) Mirror at passenger broken due made from plastic. Suggest to made from steel.

9) Adjustment mirror button very hard to adjust.

10) Door cover at back loose. Low quality. Need to change the correct size and not grip properly

Well, QC PROTON please weak up, don't just put the QC sticker, Please comment to your management for the righting. I want to feel proud driving this car. The design good, but quality spoiled.

30th Mar 2006, 02:59

I bought Gen2 last years, ever thing is fine but the only thing is the door lock remote control, have to hug the car then press the button for 3 to 4 time. (Some time 5)

21st May 2006, 09:28

I was thinking to buy GEN-2 for my wife. Thanks god I found this forum to know poor QC handling by Proton. Decision made after 15 minutes reading. "NOT TO BUY GEN-2!". Will print out to my wife and for sure she will say "I rather to maintain old Nissan Sunny!"

10th Dec 2008, 09:51

My Gen2 is first batch year 2004.

Below are all the problem I've faced.

1. Central lock problem - warranty

2. Power windows problem - warranty

3. Alarm system malfunction - warranty

4. Alternator failure battery cannot charging suddenly near KLCC. - warranty

5. Fuel pump problem. Cost RM 900.00, when replaced the car cannot start because of some electronic part fuse broken. Sent to workshop for electronic checking.

6. Air conditioning cooling coil leaking got replaced - cost RM800

7. Brake light problem (fuse always broken).

8. Coil spring makes sound.

Huh, keep my head spinning.

Starting from Dec 2004 until today... What to do... sell.. price highly drop.