28th Jun 2005, 18:09

Perodua quality is also very poor. But you cannot blame Perodua because it is producing mostly small cars. So, nobody had any high expectation anyway for Kancil.

31st Aug 2005, 12:36

I see that you are fast in driving, I recommended you to change the tires to Yokohama Advan Neova, suspension. All I can say. Gen2 is perfect in performance it just stuck by quality.

14th Apr 2006, 06:09

Bought my 2005 model Gen2 Dec 05-- Love my car - sporty, economic, pleasure to drive- Do have trouble with opening doors from outside though.

27th Jun 2006, 06:06

Hey guys I was thinking seriously buying Gen2 now you made me scare is it really a bad car?

I was thinking of buying the 1600 CC Automatic gear box please tell me if it's a bad deal???

8th Jul 2006, 06:33

Hey man, don't ever think about it! With the same price, I suggest you purchase the Hyundai Accent, it's got 2 versions which are family and sporty. Just take one of them.

Interior is much much much more better than a Gen 2. Gen 2 is really problematic and interior is SUCKS! All plastic made! His brother (Wira) interior quality even better than him!

1st Nov 2006, 22:02

I bought my gen-2 in 2005. First, it's a very pleasant experience until I got stuck with it. The crank case level is too low to the ground plus the material has very low quality. Bocor easily la.

8th Jan 2007, 19:07

I bought a new Gen-2 1.3 late 2005 model, which at that time, that model was just newly released to the market. Now after one year, about 20 times I had to go to service center because of low quality parts and low quality after sales.

This my problem during one year - 2 times replace F/R shock absorber, ECU, power steering pump, F/R power window, rear boot damper, air conditioning leaking, engine underpowered, F/L lower arm, knocking absorber mounting.

Don't buy this "recycle bin" car bro!

29th Jan 2007, 00:39

Ya, it is true. Cars nowadays used old engine, but with newly improve engine remapping. Gen 2 engine derived from Ceuropean old school car, not japanese. If Gen2 uses japanese engine,it would be so easy to install japanese performance gadgets and modify it.

Even a japanese car used old engine with more improved fuel economy through engine management system.Some even offered twin spark and 7 CVT transmission.

Try to be on the track if you would like to comment about the model itself.

15th Feb 2007, 11:27

The Proton GEN 2 has a lot of defects for a brand new car. I purchased my proton car here in Sri Lanka. Not even three months passed by, I had major problems with the Engine, Clutch Plate, Lots of Rattling noises. The car sounded as if it was about ten years old. Compared with a used toyota corolla 121 car which had already done 68000 kms, The corolla was better. comfort wise the proton gen 2 is very poor. Fuel consumption is very high. Well Proton Company!!! You just lost another customer. Not only did you'll loose one customer, but 8 more customers who were my friends, we all planned to buy the car. But I strongly don't recommend this car to anyone. It's only the looks, but nothing else. The re-sell value is very poor.

Special Advice to the Proton Company!!!

Plz change ur Sole agents/ dealer in Sri Lanka...

You'll are loosing a lot of business here and they are ruining your proton reputation in Sri Lanka by lieing and marketing the product. After sales is NIL.

Plz look into this matter or else you'll will loose a lot of customers. Most Sri Lankans are rich People, but WILL NEVER BUY PROTON ANYMORE!!!

11th May 2007, 13:17

Why there is only one comment about proton gen 2?does it mean that all other customers are happy about it?

3rd Jul 2009, 10:49

I'm one of the gen2 1.3 users, honestly I feel that this car is underpowered, luckily I don't have a major problem with engine and power window, but when I make a u-turn to the left, there is a sound on my front wheel. I have been using this car for 3 year.

14th Aug 2010, 05:11

I just booked a second hand gen 2 car just now.. it was a 2005 car.. hopefully it's fine for me..