5th Dec 2006, 23:50

Very nice car from outside look.

But very very bad interior parts n components used.

Proton need to do somthing with the door.

Sometimes cannot open and sometimes cannot closed tightly.

Service centre always give excuses rather than try to solve the problem.

Not a good car to be recomended for new purchaser.

19th Dec 2006, 11:58

I had bought gen 2 since august 2006 and its still very new. l got no problem at all about it engine and performance. in highway, I drive my car at 150km/h all the time, it quite stable and very good in handling. I feel like I driving a 2.0L engine car. top speed for my gen2 is 197km/h and I thing my gen 2 can go faster than that, but scare to do it.

But I have few problem on my gen gen 2 especially with doors, interior look ugly. dashboard also look very simple, no many function can be use compare to other import car. so, nothing special about interior. last week, my back door cannot been open because it stuck with front door. I don't no why it happen. Maybe I park my car direct under sunlight.

Sport rim for gen2 also look bad. better proton change gen2 sport rim to bigger size and look sporty. I need to be very close to car to unlock my car because remote control does not function at long distance. My friends always laugh at me because of that and ask me better unlock my car manually using key.

9th Apr 2008, 22:39

I have Proton Waja and Gen2.. Waja almost 5 years old and gen2 is almost 4 years old... just a minor problem with the Waja, and yes a lot problem with the Gen2. But after I've visited a SC for about 20 times due to warranty claim within 4 months from purchasing date... finally my Gen2 is now better than before, and no more faulty power windows and others problem until now. OK.. about alarm system, Yes you need to be closer with your car before the alarm can be used, and that's because it's was design to be like that due to safety precautions.

As you people can see, all of Perodua cars, people can unlock that car maybe as far as 200-300 meters. My friend had lost all his belongs inside his Kenari car because he suddenly unlocked the car without noticing while shopping with his wife, and parked that car behind the shopping mall building. That was easy work for car burglar. That was the thing that Proton want to avoid in the future... Proton wanna avoid easy work for "car burglar".