25th Dec 2006, 06:06

I just bought Gen-2 3 weeks ago. I very satisfied with the new technology and comfortable for me to drive the car. Unfortunately in this 3 weeks I went to Proton service center about 5 times. There are a lot of problems with my beloved Gen-2. I could accept side mirror and gear problem, but what the thing I'm very frustrated is about the alarm lock system. The 2 keys given are not function well. I went to the service center, I waited for 2 hours to know the problem, but in just 10 minutes your staff said they could not do anything to the alarm system. The button for reset the alarm not function and your staff do not know how to handle it. The night before, I drove the car and the polices thought I was a car smuggler because in whole my journey from KB to my house in Bachok, the alarm was "shouting". Perhaps you could give my an advice how to solve this problem. A lot of thank you for your respond.

5th Jan 2007, 00:19

A brand new car should come under warranty. I suggest change the alarm system.

10th Jan 2007, 21:16

With the Pillar issue, if your Gen 2 was involved in an accident and the car rolled on to its roof, you'll be glad that those pillars were there to protect you.

8th Feb 2007, 02:42

Having now driven a Gen2 for 2 years, I think the "blind spot" the original writer complains about is actually the rear 3/4 and back view.

Reversing the car is a very hit-or-miss process - there is hardly any worthwhile rearward visibility as the boot/trunk lip of the hatch is very high and the c-pillars huge. Of course this is all made worse by my having to view multiple images in the vibrating rear view mirrors (all three!). Good thing my model has a (hypersensitive) reversing sensor.

The bad news is that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish its beeps from all the other unintentional sounds the car makes; from the creaking 3rd brake light, to the buzz from the steering column, the ticks from the rear view mirrors and the various rattles from under the dashboard. They have even manage to make the door lock plunger (200mm from my ear) rattle. I don't need the (good) car audio system, as I have a percussion band playing for free!