5th Jan 2007, 23:01

It's a fair judgement. Yes I do agree on the a car that has it's own pro and cons. i used to own kia, ford ranger (all brand new) and Nissan (presently) in 3 years back also having the same quality issue in it. So when we compared the price to quality I feel gen 2 has it's own advantages compared to the others in it's price segmentation.

8th Jan 2007, 19:24

Gen.2 1.3 for export it might be good, but not in malaysia. For malaysian market we have another good car than gen.2 1.3. Perodua Myvi is much better in quality, good looking and same price to gen.2 1.3. Myvi was clone from Toyota/Daihatsu by Perodua (malaysian national second car maker after proton) for malaysian market. Myvi now about 150,000 on malaysian road compared to gen.2 1.3 only rare to find.

15th Feb 2007, 17:00

I owned a Gen 2 1.3 (Auto). Before that a Perodua Kelisa and before that a Proton Iswara/Saga. It is quite a powerful car even with four adults in it. It can be quite a fast car if you know how to handle it, and one guy with a Nissan X trail was surprise when I overtook him on a hilly area. Once a friend thought I had a 1.6. Is is a very stable car on motorways as well as on winding country roads (compared to MYVI). Ever since I had it in October 2005, it has never given me any problems just like my previous proton. It consumes less fuel than my husband's Proton Waja/Impian manual 1.6. The booth is so large (compared to MYVI) that you can bring loads of things when going for a long trip. If you pun the back seats down you can even throw a small sofa that you want to give or throw away. I once put even my son's mountain bike to a bicycle repair shop. Yes it has 4 speed auto which is more advance than others with only 3 speed auto. With all round disk breaks and soft SIME tyres it came to a dead stop one rainy day when I had to have an emergency break. It is a lovely car from all angles and quite solid too... the doors close with a nice thud. Two of my neighbours have a white and red colour one.. all trouble free. Thanks Proton.

22nd Feb 2007, 07:53

As a owner of Proton, I am obviously sad that the quality of newer models are bad. My GEN.2 gave me too much problems until I have no confidence for long distance ride. Maybe luck is not on my side and I have a "lemon" car. I just brought another car "MYVI" 1.3L and I think Proton needs to learn how to make cars from Perodua. I am still trying to sell off my problematic Gen.2 1.6L Auto.

28th Mar 2007, 23:07

I am located in Bangladesh. I plan to buy a gen 2. I would like to get comments from a recent user of the same car from Bangladesh. I get frustrated when I see comments by users from other countries. Can someone from Bangladesh post comments on the Gen 2?

22nd Jul 2009, 00:59


I'm Ashiq from bangladesh. GEN-2 is good looking car and above informations are really helpful about buying this.

I have following queries at Bangladeshi GEN-2 user:

1) Is that brand new?

2) If its possible to convert to CNG?

3) What is its actual price in bangladesh?

Waitting for your reply...