1995 Proton Iswara Sedan 1.3 from Malaysia


Good car, slow pick up, but reliable


Air conditioner failed on the very first drive day.

Had to replace the entire air con system (under warranty - free)

The Power Windows on both sides a bit sluggish all the time, but continued to work.

MY Radiator hoses blew at 50,000.

My Head gasket blew at 63,000.

MY Timing Belt snapped at 66,000.

My seats are comfortable and wearing all right.

MY headlamps failed after two years.

MY back lamps leak and are full of water from first year.

MY door locks stuck.

MY automatic lock sticks.

MY door unlocked warning light is ON all the time irregardless whether doors are locked or open.

General Comments:

The car is giving 100 km to 10 litres.

Car pick up is sluggish.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2005

16th Jan 2006, 19:30

I had one for 7 years, had no problems. Wife had one for 5 years... trouble free.

16th May 2006, 03:28

Proton saga iswara... no problems and good condition.

17th Jan 2007, 23:56

I bought my Proton Iswara Sedan 1.5 Red color from Proton Edar in Year 2005 Feb. It has been giving me a good time, less headache and good driving moment. I think I made a good choice choosing her (My Red Iswara) I named her Tun Teja. Oil consumption... saved a lot!!!

I am happy with my Iswara.

22nd Feb 2007, 07:58

The Iswara is cheap to maintain. Just change the engine oil and filter.

10th May 2007, 22:50

I drive one and I don't think it has a slow pickup although it has low top speed.

31st Dec 2007, 23:32

I owned a 95 Proton Iswara.. It has been good all the while.. Fuel consumption is not bad (350km for RM60 petrol) It never breakdown before and it is easy to maintain.. The only disadvantage is the low top speed and the cabin is not so quiet as it gets older..

3rd Apr 2008, 04:41

I have Proton Saga year 1992 and I'm using until now.. there maybe have some or even more problem with this national car but what ever it's takes I'm proud to have this car..

13th Nov 2008, 00:59

I have 1 Iswara 1999 (A) and 1 Japanese make car (B) year 2003. Just a simple maths calculation will do, as shown below,

Normal service for (A) (every 5,000km) cost me about RM85.00

Normal service for (B) (every 10,000km) cost me about RM106.00

Meaning when I service (A) twice is equivalent to service (B) once. In another word, I have to spent RM170.00 servicing (A) but only RM106.00 servicing (B). Which is more cost effective?

6th Feb 2013, 23:09

Bought an Iswara 1.3S for RM40k, and still reluctant to sell it off after 15 years with >300,000 km. I think the earlier batches of the Iswara are good except for the interior.

2004 Proton Iswara Saga from Malaysia


Proton is not a good choice


Rear seat developed a noise after 2 weeks I bought it.

The door lock made noises because the lock is smaller than the hole, so when I'm driving the car, the sound made me very uncomfortable & unsafe.

Inside the car, all around is very solid plastic. Unlife style. Black color, what a stupid design!

Air-con is not cool at all when in the day time, but at night it's still OK.

Quite high fuel cost for a 1.3. Higher than Vios 1.5 Auto.

When on the highway it's very noisy.

Steering makes a 'jit jit' sound.

General Comments:

I think it is not a good choice to buy a Proton car. If you really want to buy Proton car, you must be ready to accept those problems that you can't avoid.

Overall I'm still satisfied with my Proton, because the price is quite reasonable.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2005

21st Jul 2005, 00:08

I am also having a few problems with my Iswara: Mine is a 1.3 Iswara Aeroback (M). The problems include leaking from the front windscreen and malfunctioning air-condition system, which I guess resulted from the leaking of the windscreen.

Despite of the above problems, the Iswara has one advantage: its engine is reliable. I have not had any problem with the engine since the first day I drove it.

Looking at the fuel consumption of the car, I guess it is still economical.

The cost of servicing its engine is also quite cheap: it costs me about RM110 for a new oil filter, an air filter, a can of coolant, four spark plugs, Castrol lubricant oil and workmanship fee. The spare parts are also available at any spare parts shop throughout the country.

I get my car serviced at a spare part shop in Batu Caves. It is much cheaper to buy the car parts there, compared to buying ones at an authorised Proton service centre.

I would rather say, after using the car quite some time, that it is a car suitable to those considering to get an economical, spacious car.