1997 Proton Persona XLi 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


A excellent overall car, suitable for any type of person


Boot Leaked through lights.

Air-con Belt made noise when on.

Few plastic noises (speaker covers, hatch back panel etc)

General Comments:

Excellent car with great fuel econ. (city or highway driving) and neat to look at - also can get car kits for them to make them sporty.

If have noisy belts, ask at your local car accessory place (in Aust. Repco, Super Cheap, Auto-Barn, K-mart etc) for a spray that stops slipping, however it could be little splits in the rubber, this will need replacing - ask at a service.

Hunt for plastic noises and fix them with screws, hot glue, or silicone if you want to get at the speakers or panels later on :)

Silicone (water proof glue suitable for plastic) around lights under back hatch panel. Had to get at, but just keep pushing your hand up to make sure you got enough around them.

If you keep up services, and look after it, you will be thankful in the long run.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2002

24th Sep 2002, 01:06

I'm really glad that I found this review as it has helped me sort the annoying things out. Hope to see more reviews like this one. Thanks car survey for leaving this one up.

28th Aug 2004, 13:11

Bought my 1998 XLi at a bargain basement price and traded in my old MPI. It's a lovely drive and the only thing that's ever gone wrong is superficial (broken Drivers Side Mirror...£7 for a stick on mirror sorted that out!!) As with other electric windows on Persona's the Drivers Side sticks, but loads of 3 in 1 oil down the runners occasionally sorts that problem out!!

An excellent drive, altho road noise on some surfaces is a little off putting, but that's the reason it ships with a nifty little Blaupunkt radio/cassette.

Excellent motor, and reliable. Cheap as chips!! Would recommend one to anybody.